K Project: Reisi Munakata Cross Necklace (Blue Sword of Damocles)

K Project: Reisi Munakata Cross Necklace (Blue Sword of Damocles)

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An exquisite necklace in the form of the blue Sword of Damocles, this silver chain necklace is genderless and looks great for any occasion! A white crystal is set in the middle of the silver cross that is swirled around with Aura and accented with black.

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Product Description

Width: 1.2"
Height: 2.8"

- Metal

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Introduction to Reisi Munakata (K Project)

- Reisi Munakata Bio by Tsunade

Name: Reisi Munakata
Alias: Blue King
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Dark Blue
Eye Colour: Violet

The King of the Blue Clan (aka Scepter 4)- a police-based organization that is connected to the country's Prime Minister, Munakata is a serious looking young man who is tall with a muscular physique. He usually wears a pair of spectacles with his outfit which looks similar to the rest of the Clan.

Matured and calm, Munakata is the exact opposite of the Red King Mikoto Suoh, a violent-tempered and somewhat lazy King. He prefers using words over violence in a fight (despite his capabilities to win through a physical fight), and a natural leader that put himself before others. Naturally, he draws a line between the impulsive Mikoto and himself, seemingly out of abhorrence. Their first encounter was when Scepter 4, led by Munakata prepared for a battle with HOMRA, Mikoto's Clan and ended with Mikoto being arrested by Munakata himself.

Calm with a logical mind, Munakata often takes other's thoughts in mind and formulates a plan calmly, rather than spring into action. This has proved to be useful like during his confrontation with Kuroh Yatogami, where he was calm enough to even sip tea before the fight.

As expected of his cool disposition, Munakata is a very mysterious person and not much is known about his personal life except that he likes to solve jigsaw puzzles as leisure. His parents were thrifty and kind-hearted, and he also had an elder brother.

Munakata is in possession of the Blue Aura as the Blue King. This Aura can protect him even from Mikoto Suoh's flames from his Red Aura. His Aura also allows him to create force fields for defense, or use as stepping stones to seemingly 'levitate'. He is also skilled in physical combat, and wields a sabre known as Tenro (Sirius).