Wizard Howl's Enchanted Magic Ring (red)

Enchanted Magic Red Ring for Cosplay of Wizard Howl (Metal)

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The Wizard Howl's magical ring with the red ruby can now be yours! A beautiful accessory for cosplayers or Hayao Miyazaki fans! Collect with the blue ring which Howl gave to Sophie!

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Product Description

These rings are US size 7 - 7.25 which is around Japanese size 14.

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Howl's Moving Castle

- Howl's Moving Castle Review by Tsunade

Howl's Moving Castle

Following Sen to Chihiro (Spirited Away), Howl's Moving Castle is Hayao Miyazaki's latest feature anime with Studio Ghibli, based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones.

The heroine of the story is a young hatmaker called Sophie, who, after an encounter with the attractive Wizard Howl, was paid a visit by the Witch of the Wastes and her minions. The witch was jealous of Sophie and cast a spell on her to turn her into a bent-backed old woman. In confusion, and hoping to find a cure for the spell, Sophie set out in search of the Wizard Howl.

On her way, she met and helped a hopping scarecrow, whom Sophie named Turniphead. Turniphead led Sophie to Howl's castle, which was a visually grotesque jumble of messy machinery. In the castle, which was suprisingly homey compared to the monstrous exterior, Sophie met the fiesty flames demon, Calcifer, who fuels the energy of the moving castle. She also made friends with Wizard Howl's help, Markl, who has a magical cape that sprouts him a giant moustache. Sophie assumes the postition of the house cleaner, joining this somewhat dysfunctional family.

We learn later on in the story that almost all the characters are under some kind of spell (must be some kind of trend) including the Wizard Howl's, who has the ability to shapeshift into a feathered flying predator. Wizard Howl's was approached by 2 warring countries to join the war, and in cowardice, sends Sophie as his mother to reject the appointment. The plot thickens as Sophie meets the Madame Suliman. Howl and gang then tries to escape from everybody else. That was when the story gets weirdly confusing yet pleasantly entertaining.

The main attraction of the movie is probably the fantastical castle, which opens its main door to anywhere Howl wills it to. The castle has a variety of staircases and endless rooms, secret tunnels leading to elsewhere. A visual feast for Miyazaki fans.

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To mimi: Yes, this is back in stock!

I WANT!!!!!!! why is this here can i buy it? is it out of stock or are you geting more? i really want to get this!! DX

if this isnt up anymore and sold out why is it displayed on the webs to torture us?! DX

No anime dude, you're wrong. Yes Howl gave her A red ring... BUT he has a red ring too. BUT when Sophie poured water on Calcifer the red ston turned blue because Calcifer and Howl are both dying. Oh and I hope you get more of the red rings in soon!!! please let me know....

Howl gave her the red ring. he has the blue one. watch the movie.

omg is 'the' ring. i NEED it. i WANT it. howl is a total fittay! *drools* love sophie hatter xx

when u have this ring stock,i very like if u have this stock pls reply an email for me.thanks anyway.i very very like it.i hope i can dream come true to have this fantastic rings

OMG I want one of those rings! when will you be getting more in, so that I can buy one??!! Please get more of them!!!

this ring represents a fantastic feature film with many umbelievable characters such as sophie and of course the fit howl
this ring makes the story more realistic

when are you going to get another shipment of this ring? because i really want one