Alucard Jackal Gun Replica - Black 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Alucard Jackal Gun Replica – Black 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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Modelled after the suave black Jackal recognized as one of the most powerful weapons of the series, this formidable replica in its distinctly long barrel in matte black is a must-have for Hellsing fans. A beautifully-crafted piece with the grip in deep rosewood, the famous phrase 'Jesus Christ is in Heaven now' is engraved along its side in silver. A great piece for cosplaying Alucard, this also makes a fantastic display piece that would go well with the Casull replica to make a perfect set!

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- Information on The Jackal by Tsunade

One of the strongest weapons of the series, this combat pistol better known as 'The Jackal', was constructed specially for Alucard. Its unique design of the gun's upper assembly being the pistol slide makes it seem as if the slide itself is non-existent. With its immense power, it is usually used with Alucard's Casull- which did not manage to defeat Alexander Anderson's regenerative abilities. The quote 'Jesus Christ is in Heaven Now' engraved on the side- is a mockery at the said Anderson, who has a similar quote on his gloves.

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