Gintoki Sakata Lake Toya Wooden Sword Bokken Replica (1:1)

Gintoki Sakata Lake Toya Wooden Sword Bokken Replica (1:1)

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One of the most recognizable feature of Gintoki Sakata is his famous wooden sword (or Bokken) which he carries where ever he goes. His Bokken is engraved as “Lake Toya”, a personal joke of his which he likes to tell people how he got it from a hermit living at Lake Toya. In truth, Gintoki admitted he bought it online (well, here on 399animeshop to be exact!)

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Product Description

Gintama Sword Measurement
Length: 39.4"
Related Cosplay Costume:
- Sakata Gintoki Cosplay Costume

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Weight 4.5 kg

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