Full Metal Alchemist – Philosopher’s Stone Ring (Premium)

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Behold the ring with the legendary Philosopher's Stone on it. Or so the priest of Lior thought. Now is your chance to own this intricately designed ring with the Red Stone transmuted from the toxic Red Water. For cosplaying or as a collection for FMA fans!

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Product Description

This ring size is fixed at (US 9.5) (UK S) The inside diameter of the ring is around 19.5 mm (0.77 inches)

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Past Reviews

Nice ring

To zin: Dead people and plastic. :)

whats that stone made of (besides dead people)

wow if ed and al wanted there bodies back they just had to come here to get a ring for 9.99 that ring is amazing im going to buy it some day

but i want a real philosopher's stone

Wow all Ed had to do is go to LOL!
Well, I think this is just really cool.

i like this :D

holp you all can take jokes im a evil manga fan

want the real thing mail me i just got to kill a few nobodys take there lives there souls to make a real stone ill have the power to stop 2012 in stead of tha hole world dieing we just got to kill 991 more people to make my stone complete real stone just $1000. that be good don't you think

this looks pretty awsome I'm buying it but what kazumi said kinda bugged me especiaally when he/she said "junk" just saying it pissed me off alittle

hey, this gem looks like and red fire agate, if it is the same tell me, if not them tell me its "gem feild name" or any other name then alchemy name, plz fast , waiting for reply asim

SOLD OUT!!!! Get more now! I want it for my daughter. She loves all that junk, and is really into it.

SOLD OUT?!!!!!!!!!!!? *faints*