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This State Alchemist Watch from Full Metal Alchemist is 1/1 scale with the diameter measurement of 1.8″ and is quite heavy. The pocket watch is made of polished alloy metal, with a 15″ metal chain.

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Product Description

*The watch may or may not come with a battery depending on your country's customs rules. The LR41 Button Cell battery can be purchased anywhere. You can open the back cover of the watch from the niche at the side.

Additional Information

Weight 0.063 kg

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Edward Elric(Fullmetal Alchemist)

- Edward Elric Bio by Tsunade

Name: Edward Elric
Nickname: Fullmetal Alchemist
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 1899
Height: 149cm
Occupation: State Alchemist
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Amestrian State Military

Edward Elric is one of the main protagonists and the titular character of the popular manga/anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist. He has a younger brother called Alphonse and is called 'Fullmetal' due to his prosthetic right arm and left leg made out of automail. He lost his arm and leg after conducting a failed Human Transmutation, a form of alchemy that is forbidden. Determined, he underwent the painful automail operation and got certified as a State Alchemist at the tender age of twelve. Since then, he has been searching for the legendary Philospher Stone, an item which is said to have unlimited potential for transmutations. He hopes to use the stone to restore Alphonse's body who had been lost during the transmutation tragedy.

Appearance-wise, Edward is considered small for his age. He is often ridiculed for his 149cm stature which he attempts to counter by wearing elevator boots. He has long blond hair which is braided and parted in the middle with a single strand sticking up like an antenna(presumably to add to his height). Personality-wise, Edward is introduced as someone who is immature and extremely stubborn. He is hostile against authoritative figures and hates being ordered around. In battles, Edward is strong-willed and very creative in his use of alchemy.

Past Reviews

I got this watch yesterday, and I took it with my to school today. Needless to say, everyone (FMA fans and peasants alike) LOVED it. Its tick is the most wonderous noise in the world. It's light and sturdy, and simple to set [the time]. My singular complaint is the time it took to arrive, which was a month and several days. But, the watch is well worth the wait.

I bought this for my friend for Christmas and she LOVED it! It looks exactly like the picture, but when she opend it the batteries had ran out, thank Grell it just needed new batteries! Other than that I see my cosplay buddy with it all the time and loves it like crazy! It is amazing!

Im defenetly buying this.
i hope the chain is long and strong enough tho. im a real FMA fan <3

I just bought this! I'm scared! Why? Well, I didn't know what to get my boyfriend for Christmas so I asked a bunch of random questions then started looking at cosplay stuff and totally went off track and asked his favorite anime and he said Fullmetal Alchemist! So, I somehow got here and saw it and bought it *dies* HE BETTER FREAKING LIKE IT! I'm being impatient and I just got it! I wanna see it and it better be awesome like you're all saying it is! Ima go hide under a rock now until it arrives x_x

a i just realized something when marco throws the philospers stone at scar why didnt scar turn into a hoummuncolous well how ever you spell it

i just got my Pocket Watch in today. i love it... it was in good condition thank you so much :D

The watch is really nice and I love it. The only problem is that the seconds are off and i have no idea how to set it. I can change the hours and minutes, but I have no idea about the seconds

God, I hope this is good... I'm going to order it, now. -_- The suspense!! Hahah Ill post another comment when it comes so wait for me!! :P

My best friend got this a couple of months ago. She has never regretted buying it. I think it is epic.

I want to buy the watch, but i'm not sure if this sites rilable...... all the comments I read say yes but I'm kinda paranoid and I just have never used ur site before. tho the watch looks epic, I might buy it!

I'm thinking of getting this for my friend, a big FMA fan, but the size of the watch bothers me. Is it really that small in the manga/anime? What do you ppl. think about the size? Other than that I think the watch is quite beautiful and worth the money if I can go by the pleased commenters.

Kon'nichiwa! er...... yeah.... i so want a state alchemist pocket watch! .... Things to do: Go to the other side of the gate(it's possible, i've really seen "Truth" at the gate)

Brotherhood is very strict to following the manga, while the original anime was on its own creative events based on the manga. There is a movie for the original and I believe now that brotherhood is over they will be making a move as well.

hey amanda to change the battry their should be a slot on the back or some thing were u should be able to put a srewdriver

I just got the watch after I get back from school.
And it surprised me when I found it on my bed.
I've been waiting for this watch since I ordered it.
Thank you !
I'll come back again!

i just got my pocket watch and i love its awesome i feel like an alchemist already

The watch looks really nice, and I think I might get one, but I noticed that all of the comments look fake...Maybe its just my suspicion? (did I spell that right...) Hmm...

To Jap Attack: There a niche at the side which you could pry open to replace the battery.

This watch is absolutely amazing! I was surprised, and very impressed, at how quickly it got to me, especially since I was told they were out of the case that the watch came in. I will definitely recommend this site to any of my friends that want to buy the watch.

The only problem is I have no idea how to get to the batteries. I assume I can pry the back of it open from that little indent at the top?

one thing there is not going to be a second season of fma there is going to be a movie and fma brotherhood is just between the time when he became a state alchemist and lilor

as a massive fan of FMA i have a couple things i need to say. This watch is incredible. Really accurate, actually works, and FMA SEASON 2 COMING!!!!!! WOAH!!!!!! anyways definitely worth the money especially if you plan on going to a anime convention dressed as ed {hint: ME :)}

I got the watch over a year ago and I absolutly love it. ^^ I got it before one of my friend's who really wanted it and it was so fun to brag, I'll admit. ;D
The watch is very nice though. Amazing quality and it does look just like Ed's. You do have to be carful with it though, especially the chain. Don't be twirling it by the chain or letting big dogs steal it like Ed. XD
Oh, and thanks to the person who commented on what kind of batteries were needed! I've been searching for a while for replacement batteries for mine and my friend's. So, thank you~! <3

i love the watch it has great detail on the cover nad the inside of the watch i just wish the chain was a lil longer many of my friends love it and have asked for the website hopefully they wont sell out cause im trying to get my mom to get me another one for a collectors thing but thanks and i love all your other praducts

Got the watch in a week and a half after order, much sooner than expected. Watch looks fantastic; the inside of the watch looks amazing, and has a nice, semi-used look to it, making it appear more authentic. Has the words "Fullmetal Alchemist" on the back, which is really cool because you would assume that when the state army would present a watch to a state alchemist, their second name would be on it. This makes it appear even more authentic to the watch Edward Elric has. All in all, it's an amazingly accurate watch and I would recommend it to anyone who would want it.

It came to Finland in 10 days. Its good watch and it looks cool.

yea, its pretty awesome. my older brother got it for me when he came back from the iraq war, so not only do I like it, but I treasure it with my life. However, I do wish the chain was a bit longer. that way I can go up to this girl I like(she likes anime) and she notices the chain, and I show off my fma watch lol. oh and by the way, I carry it with me everyday.

I got this watch a while back from a friend. Although it looks really awesome, it is kinda fragile. The opening mechanism kinda sticks after a few weeks of use.

However, as a fan of the show I'm very satisfied with the watch. Its amazing how many people blitzed out after they saw me checking the time on it. Well worth the green, but take care of it ;).

wow!!!it's the most beautiful watch that i ever wanted!!!!

I just got my watch in today, but where and how do I open it?

THE WATCH IS AMAZING!! It's real metal, and looks more amazing in real life than in the pics.

PL :Ten zegarek jest niesamowity ! Ten sklep sprzedaje na cały świat, więc nie miałem problemów z zamówieniem.
Zamówiłem go i zapłaciłem przez paypal 16 sierpnia, dostałem go dziś - 22 sierpnia.
Jest zrobiony z metalu ,dokładnie taki jaki nosił Ed ! Polecam !


ENG : This watch is awesome ! I have ordered item and paid by PayPal on 16th August. Pocket has been sent out on 17th August 2007. Today is 22th August and I've just get the FMA Pocket Watch. It's made of real metal, not a rubbishy plastic. I reccomend !

I love the show FullMetal Alchemist and I'm a big fan of the watch. I am in the process of ordering it and can't wait for it's arrival. I can't wait to show it to my friends.

i want one so badly... they look absolutly awesome

I got one of these, and it's really awesome, but I can't figure out how to change the batteries. What part of the watch would you pry open?

this product looks awesome!! i have a different version of the watch where its like an onyx black color. it has the inscription in it and its a little lighter. the main problem was that the chain broke. but this is still a wonderful product

SWAZII: The shipping is the same world wide. $15.00.

Hello my nick is SWAZII from Poland
i want to buy in not so far future this product ,,FMA State Alchemist Pocket Watch" but i dont know how much i will have to pay with transport to Poland.
Waiting for answer

it... is... PERFECT *o*

The watch looks soooooo!!!! coooool!!!!
I plan on getting very soon!!!!

To Neji17:

Yes, it's a real watch with a glass plate covering the second, minute and hour hand. All 3 moves and this is a working watch.

Hi everyone, im sorta new to FMA but i have a couple of questions...(i really want the pocket watch though!)
So the watch is fully functional and works and everything?
Is there like a glass plate covering the minute hand, the second hand, and the hour hand? Cuz from the picture, it doesnt look like it...
Thanks for the help :)

To fullmetalfan:

The second hand is NOT just for show. It moves just like a real watch!

Does the second hand work like the limited editions watches? Or is it just there for show?

To Teksuo:
Pull out the crown shaped wheel that is found below the button that is used to open the lid of the watch. You can set the time by rotating the 'crown'.

The watch runs on AG 5 Button cell. I think you can find it in most places that sells batteries.

There is only one version currently.

I have one of these and I love it. Problem is, I don't know how to set the time! Can anyone help?

I love this watch! But i have questions before I buy.
1. What kind of batteries does it take.
2. Is there another version of this watch without the date inside? I don't want a replicate of Ed's I want a plain one so it feels like my own :)

that watch is wicked man!!! i just bought that and it's worth it. all my buddies are like wanting it right now.

Hi Jess and Drakoner,

we ship WORLDWIDE, including both Germany and United Kingdom.


is it possible to get this item shipped to the UK when you make an order?

I want a old-look Watch and i found this one but the problem is i live in germany, can i get it from here to germany too?

Hi Fullmetalnoob, yes we do, we deliver WORLDWIDE. Thanks :)

do u deliver in canada? specifically ontario, toronto?

hi esther, yes we do :)

OMG I really want that watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! Is there any way you can send it to New York in Staten Island??

Hi Jonny K., yes we do

you ship to US rite? specifically California??

Hi rubens, we do send the items to Brazil. Thanks!

I want to know if there is any way to send the order to Brazil... Is it possible?????

when are the stocks coming i wanna buy it so bad!!!

OMG!!! I want that watch soooooooo bad!! It's so cool!! *drool*

Can anybody say what is behind this clock?

I think you can see the pictures now. We were doing some maintenance

I cannot see the pictures, however, the commenters seem happy. I might buy one.

i want the watch lol pleac

Hey glad you like it. This watch is battery operated. You'll have to use a screwdriver to pry open the cover when you need to change the batteries. (I think you can see a small slot which you can insert the screwdriver)

Awesome watch! I was somewhat impatient with its arrival, but since it came from Singapore, I can forgive. I'm not sure whether this is a wind-up or a battery powered watch though. No directions came with it.

We are glad to be of service. Thank you for your patron!

I am absolutely delighted after receiving this pocket watch. Love it! Thanks you 3.99 anime shop!

I bought this watch and is very satisfied with it. Better than the pictures above and looks exactly like in the anime.