Yuna Summoner Wand Final Fanasy X 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Yuna Summoner Wand Final Fanasy X 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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This is inspired from one of Yuna's numerous rods. This Summoner Wand that is the version she uses in Dissidia 012 has become her trademark weapon. The head of the wand is in matte gold accented with blue. This piece can be disassembled for easy keeping with the secure screw-ins into three parts: the head, body, and handle. The handle is wrapped in pink grip tape for friction, and at the end dangles a bell on a blue string just like the original. Handcrafted from resin as a collector's item, this is also great for cosplaying as Yuna.

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Product Description

- Length: 55.12" Width: 50.75"

- Resin

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Yuna Biography (Final Fantasy X)

- Yuna Bio by Tsunade

Name: Yuna
Gender: Female
Age: 17~19
Hair Colour: Brunette
Eye Colour: Left: Blue, Right: Green (Heterochromic)

Yuna is a summoner just like her father, and her main goal is to defeat Sin, the antagonist of the series who threatens the world of Spira. Being a loyal, kind and honest girl almost to the point of naivety, she is blindly faithful to the teachings of Yevon and questions them only after knowing Tidus. Often putting others before herself and believing they are good by nature, Yuna suppresses her personal feelings and fear, sacrificing whatever she has to expel Sin and save her friends.

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