Vaan Necklace (Final Fantasy 12)

Vaan Necklace (Final Fantasy 12)

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This rare life-size replica of Vaan's pendant on his necklace is not to be missed! For cosplaying and as a collection for FF 12 fans. The measurement of the pendant is 3.1″ x 3.5″.

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Vaan Biography (Final Fantasy)

- Vaan Bio by Tsunade

Name: Vaan
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (Final Fantasy XII)
Quickenings: Red Spiral, White Whorl, Pyroclasm

Personality/Background: Vaan is not one of the masculine big boys from the game, but a young and enthusiastic boy. Being the eldest of the orphans in the city, he took the role of the big brother involuntarily and shows great leadership.
Vann wishes to become a Sky Pirate so that he could escape the Empire’s hold and gain freedom in the blue skies. The real reason that influenced his desire to become a Sky Pirate was to abscond from the memory of his brother that was killed in the war. The poor boy wanted to run away from all the bad recollections.

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I don't think so it's possible.. :X I'm not sure.. but u might want to check if annoye posted the cinematic cut-scene of the game.. I'm not sure if there's one for ff7 but I know there are for ff13.