Final Fantasy Type-0 – Nine Longinus (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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The Lance of Longinus is the ultimate weapon of spear-wielding character Nine. Our featured replica of the Longinus is a top-quality (cosplay-only)weapon made from metal for that solid look and feel along with polyurethane leather for that comfortable grip. For convenience, the weapon is detachable into three parts and the fine details of the weapon were meticulously carved and handpainted for that truly authentic look that you won't get anywhere else.

Please allow approximately 3 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

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Product Description

- FF Type-0 Lance of Longinus

- 76" (length) x 13.3" (width) x 1.2" (thickness)

- Metal & Polyurethane Leather

Additional Information

Weight 2.9 kg

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Nine(Final Fantasy Type-0)

- Nine Bio by Tsunade

Name: Nine
Age: 17
Birthday: 13 Feb 825
Height: 185cm
Weapon: Spear
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Class Zero

Nine is one of the fourteen playable characters in the 2011 Playstation Portable game, Final Fantasy Type-0. He has a scarred face, light blue eyes and messy blond hair. He is a member of the Class Zero, the elite, fourteen-strong Agito Cadets of Akademeia. Like any other Class Zero member, he wears a black jacket with golden shoulder padding paired with a white pair of trousers. Personality-wise, Nine embodies the rash and impulsive archetype. He is known for his inflated ego and his tendency to act without over analyzing things. When situations are not in black and white, he finds it difficult to manoeuvre around and he will do whatever is necessary to solve problems, something that causes annoyance to some of his classmates. His courage however, boosts his team's morale on the battlefield and despite his tough exterior, he has a soft spot for Arecia Al-Rashia, Class Zero's adoptive Mother.

Gameplay-wise, Nine's weapon of choice is a spear. His attacks are mostly aggressive and short-ranged, essentially a Dragoon character. He has high physical attack and defense stats and is better used as a tank character because he is not proficient for magic casting. Overall, Nine is one of the physically stronger characters in game with a variety of short and long ranged attacks.

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