Final Fantasy XII: Silver Cloudy Wolf Pin (Version 3)

Final Fantasy XII: Silver Cloudy Wolf Pin (Version 3)

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Often seen adorning the left chest on Cloud Strife's black jacket, this icon of Fenrir the Cloudy wolf is recognizable to all Final Fantasy fans! In reflective silver, the details of this piece gives much depth and texture to the pin, which also has blue crystals accenting the eyes of Fenrir. Great for cosplay, or simply a reminder of the lone Cloud that can be pinned onto you bag or purse!

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Product Description

Width: 1.6"
Height: 2.3"

- Metal

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Personality of Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy XII)

- Cloud Strife Bio by Tsunade

Cloud Strife starts off as a cocky young man belonging to SOLDIER, an elite fighting group of super-soldiers used for special missions. This personality of his is in fact fake- a result of Mako poisoning and Jenova's cells in his body. This cause his original personality to blend with that of Zack Fair, and his idea of what a member of SOLDIER should have.

Thankfully, Cloud discovers his true personality (which is much more likable than his false persona). He starts to become truly concerned about the Planet instead of putting money firstplace as before, and also concerned for his friends and the relationship they hold.

Cloud however, changes into some sort of a lone wolf (represented by Fenrir, aka Cloudy Wolf) when he torments himself over the guilt of not having been able to save his friends. This burden of being helpless to the ones he loves made him a loner, isolating himself from his friends as he feels underserving of human relationships. While generally moody in demeanour, it does somehow add to his cool image.

With the aid of his friends, Cloud slowly lets go of his guilt and discovers himself again while moving on. His friends have played an important part in his life as he opens up to them. Their loyalty and faith in him has instilled in Cloud a similar personality trait, as he is fiercely loyal to them and would do anything he can to keep them happy and safe; even if he has to hide his own emotions and insecurities for that cause.

While Cloud is obviously conflicted, it is his struggle with himself (which he finally overcomes with his kind nature) that is relatable and thus makes him a protagonist that softens our hearts. He sometimes shows a more humorous side; though admittedly a kind of dry humour you might take a while to appreciate.