Final Fantasy X Tidus Bracelet Cosplay

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From the popular PS2 game of 2001, Final Fantasy X, Tidus is the main protagonist and the story centres around him and the quest to defeat Sin and get back home. Along the way, he is joined by some of the most memorable characters from the series. Pay tribute to the star player of the Zanarkand Abes with this vibrant bracelet replica that he wears in the game.

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- Tidus bracelet



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Tidus(Final Fantasy X)

- Tidus Bio by Tsunade

Name: Tidusi
Age: 17
Height: 178cm
Gender: Male
Home: Dream Zanarkand/Besaid
Race: Human

Tidus is the main protagonist of the popular Playstation 2 game, Final Fantasy X. He is the start Blitzball player of the Zanarkand team and is the son of the renowned Blitzball genius, Jecht. Appearance-wise, Tidus is a young man of 17 years. He has blond hair and green eyes and his attire is the Zanarkand team's Blitzball outfit; black shorts jumpsuit and yellow vest with plenty of accessories.

Personality-wise, Tidus is upbeat and friendly. He is also laid back, care-free, and passionate about the game of Blitzball. Being the son of the famous Jecht, he has a lot to live up to but he is up to the task. Growing up, he strongly disliked Jecht for the simple reason of his dad taking most of the time from his mom. 10 years before the start of the series, Jecht disappeared off the coast of Zanarkand, never to be seen since until the unfolding of the game's events.

As the main protagonist, Tidus is one of the well-balanced characters. Using the turn-based battle mechanics, he is useful with his 'flee' ability early on, allowing parties to escape unnecessary battles. Also, his limit break hits multiple times, being only second to his fellow Blitzballer, Wakka. His Ultimate Weapon is one of the Celestial Weapons called the Ultima Weapon. Like any other character, he is able to dish out 99,999 damage once the Sphere Grid has been mastered.