Final Fantasy Type 0 Flag (1:1 Scale)

Final Fantasy Type 0 Flag (1:1 Scale)

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A life-sized replica of the flag representing the Magic Academy, this cloth flag features the iconic phoenix symbol! Put this up on your wall as a show of your loyalty to the Academy, or brandish this when cosplaying Class Zero for maximum impact!

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Product Description

Width: 57"
Height: 30"

- Resin

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About Peristylium Suzaku (Final Fantasy)

- Information about Peristylium Suzaku by Tsunade

Magic Academy Peristylium Suzaku is the capital of the Domnion of Rubrum where the Suzaku Crystal is held, and also the location where young cadets train. This is also the home base for the 14 students of Class Zero, who lead the counterattack against the invading army. Students of the academy wear the same uniform: black jackets, with white pants for the males and a red plaid skirt for the females. Mantles are also worn and secured at the neck with a gold ring emblazoned with the phoenix, a symbol of the Academy.