Final Fantasy 13-2: Serah Farron Shield (Cosplay)

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Serah Farron is the main protagonist of the Playstation 3 game, Final Fantasy 13-2. She is the younger sister of Claire Farron, most commonly known as Lightning. He emergence as the main character in the second instalment was pivotal to her character development as she only appeared briefly in the first game. Complete your Serah cosplay with this replica of her iconic shield.

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Product Description

- Serah Farron shield cosplay

Measurements (Approximate):
- Thickness: 1.54" - Diameter: 7"

- PU plastic, stainless steel,synthetic leather

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Serah Farron(Final Fantasy 13-2)

- Serah Farron Bio by Tsunade

Name: Serah Farron
Age: 21
Height: 164cm
Home: Bodhum
Species: Human
Weapon: Starseeker

Serah is the younger sister of Lighting and is the main protagonist to the sequel, Final Fantasy 13-2. She first appeared in the first Final Fantasy 13 game as a supporting character where she was introduced to be the sibling of Claire aka Lightning. Together they helped each other during their early years after having lost their parents.

Appearance-wise, Serah is a slender young lady. She has light pink hair just like lightning and she wears a white outfit as the main protagonist of 13-2. Personality-wise, Serah is described to be an excellent student and despite her young age, she is wise, mature and responsible. She has a positive mentality and is very close to her sister.