FFVII Cloudy Wolf Earrings (v.2)

FFVII Cloudy Wolf Earrings (v.2)

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This Final Fantasy 7 Cloudy Wolf Earrings are worn by Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife and other characters from the series! The legendary Cloudy Wolf emblem on this pair of clip on earrings will be a nice addition to your Final Fantasy accessories. Approximately measuring at 1cm by 1cm height and width. Comes in a beautiful dark matallic glossy finish!

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- Tifa Lockhart Bio by Tsunade

Name: Tifa Lockhart Gender: Female Age: 20 (Final Fantasy VII) Weapon: Knuckles Ultimate Weapon: Premium Heart Occupation: Bar Hostess, AVALANCHE member Personality/Background: Do not be fooled by Tifa’s shy character along with her beautiful looks. She is deceptively strong and can annihilate almost any enemy with her fists. She can relate to others’ feelings but she rarely express her own emotions. Tifa shows deep concern for people around her and works hard. However, she keeps her uneasiness towards Cloud to herself. Even though Tifa is still a young woman, she shows great motherly nature as she offers protection for those in needs. She joined the rebel group AVALANCHE in seek for revenge for her hometown and the deaths of her family and friends, but later on changed her purpose to find an end to the domination and corruption the Shinra Electric Power Company has brought upon the planet.