Fenrir Necklace Version 3- Cloudy Wolf Motif (Final Fantasy 7)

Fenrir Necklace Version 3- Cloudy Wolf Motif (Final Fantasy 7)

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A symbol that has become known to represent the sombre and cool Cloud Strife, Fenrir, also known as Cloudy Wolf comes as a silver pendant on this chain necklace. Intricately carved in silver and accented with black to give it a rugged feel, this piece makes for a unisex necklace that can go well with any outfit!

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Product Description

Width: 1.4"
Height: 2.0"

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Introduction to Fenrir, Cloudy Wolf (Final Fantasy VII)

- Information on Fenrir by Tsunade

While Fenrir is the name of Cloud Strife's three-wheeled motorcycle, it also represents the lone brownish-gray wolf that lingers at Cloud's side throughout the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film. This emblem has also been known as 'Cloudy Wolf', and appears on Cloud's shoulder pauldron, as well as on his earring and gloves. It also shows up on his cellphone wallpaper, and the rings of Tifa Lockheart, Barret Wallace and Denzel.

Fenrir first appears at the Buster Sword Memorial outside Midgar, when Cloud appears. It makes its second appearance within range of Tifa and Cloud, in a flower field when the latter collapses from the pain spasms caused by his Geostigmatic arm. The mysterious wolf appears and vanishes seemingly at random, also showing up in the Forgotten Capital by Aerith's grave.

This wolf is said to symbolise Cloud's loneliness, as he lives with the burden of guilt he bears from the death of his two friends, Aerith Gainsborough and Zack Fair, as well as his failures in life. The death of Zack's horrific death, which CLoud witnessed with his own eyes made him suffer a terrible trauma in which he hallucinates and adopts Zack's memories and even persona (with the aid of Kenova Cells). The wolf also signifies Cloud's tendency to deal with things on his own, trying to solve his problems independently- or run away from them. In some way, he behaves like a lone wolf out of a pack, bearing all his burdens on his own. Some have also speculated that the wolf might signify Zack who have returned from the Lifestream.

The name 'Fenrir' is derived from Fenrisulfr, the giant wolf in Norse mythology. This giant wolf is often considered to be a hellhound as he is linked to Garmr, the guardian of Hell. He was destined to be the one to kill the God Odin, and thus bound by a special fetter known as Gleipnir resembling silken ribbon, created by dwarves by mythical ingredients as he snapped anything else with his strength. This 'coincidence' might personify Fenrir as Cloud, as he comes from Nibelheim (Land of the Dead), where Odin was found. It could also represent his ability to continually defeat Sephiroth who wishes to achieve the status of a God, but fails to do so, much like the symbolism of Fenrir devouring a God.