Eight Gloves - Final Fantasy Type-0 (Cosplay)

Eight Gloves – Final Fantasy Type-0 (Cosplay)

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You know you want this. I haven’t played Final Fantasy Type-0 but I know this is on my ‘Want List’. Every character in the game have their own unique accessories and Eight has this badass looking pair of open-finger-tip gloves with red ‘claws’.

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Measurement Free size and fits most adult hands!

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Eight Biography (Final Fantasy)

- Eight Bio by Tsunade

Name: Eight Gender: Male Age: 16 Weapon: Knuckles Ultimate Weapon: Demon Fist Trinity Attack: Rising Upper Personality/Background: Eight hates to kill people and uses his gloves knuckles and martial arts to take down enemies, instead of using weapons that would take away lives. At the same time, Eight likes a weapon that would do heavy damage when coming in contact. According to the Type-0 Novel, Eight wishes to become a competitive martial artist upon leaving Class Zero. In battle, Eight specializes in close-range combat with his knuckle gloves. His battle style is disadvantageous in terms of range as he has a hard time approaching his opponents with good defense. However, Eight is extremely quick on his feet and in his movements. When in close range with his opponents, he attacks with multiple lashes before retreating. When in a dilemma choosing a character in the Final Fantasy game, players who are looking for one that is able to solo a level well with ground-based enemies should choose the speedy and violent Eight!