Deuce Flute Final Fantasy Type 0 - 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Deuce Flute Final Fantasy Type 0 – 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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Glazed over in matte gold and adorned with intricate embellishments all around, this flute is unique to Deuce and is a must-have piece for cosplayers to literally blow the crowd away! perfect for cosplayers, Final Fantasy game enthusiasts, or collectors alike!

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Deuce Battle Style (Final Fantasy Type 0)

- Deuce Bio by Tsunade

Deuce's unique battle weapon is the flute. She is effective in offensive and defensive positions, as her flute melodies consist of both point-blank damage from melee attacks and regular long range attacks. In defensive mode, Deuce helps her allies or weaken the enemies . In offensive, Deuce is in quite a vulnerable position and risks losing her life in battle. A special plus point of Deuce is she leads computer-controlled allies to attack the same enemy as her target instead of attacking other enemies; this group effort is especially effective for difficult missions.

Deuce's regular attacks have her call up a bubble sphere that acts as a protective shield around her. This same bubble attacks the enemies when she is approached, and releases smaller projectiles which hit opponents when they gradually float over at slow speed. Despite their speed, the hit accuracy is high (distance is not an issue), and using Deuce requires much skill and training.

As mentioned previously, Deuce is vulnerable in offensive mode due to her slow speed and agility, which requires good timing on the player's end to dodge attacks and keep her alive long enough to deal the damage she is capable of. Her defense capability is thus very low (lowest in the group), and landing a Kill Site for her is extremely risky.

Using Deuce requires much skill and getting used to, but once her abilities are mastered, she can be used very effectively either as a supporting ally or a good offensive player with her good homing range.