Cloud Strife Buster Sword Replica (7 pc/set) Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife Buster Sword Replica (7 pc/set) Final Fantasy VII

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This is a miniature replica of Cloud Strife's legendary Buster Sword from Advent Children; in its fully detachable into 7 pieces glory. At maximum measurement of 4.5″, you can assemble it and disassemble it part by part to your fancy. This high grade Buster Swrod replica is made of metallic alloy and coated with a brass finishing. Details are stunning. Collectors mustn't miss this!

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Product Description

Cloud Strife's 7 piece Fusion Sword in Advent Children. Also know as the Tsurugi sword. Measurement Length: 3.5"

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Cloud Strife Biography (Final Fantasy)

- Cloud Strife Bio by Tsunade

Name: Cloud Strife Gender: Male Age: 23 (Advent Children) Weapon: Broadswords Ultimate Weapon: Ultima Weapon Occupation: Mercenary Personality/Background: In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Cloud appears as a solemn and shady character suffering from past wrongdoings. He finally broke down when he contracted the fatal and incurable Geostigma, adding to his vulnerability. He distanced himself from others and hopes that he miraculously finds a cure by seeking forgiveness. No matter how hard he avoided his allies, his friends did not give up and hunted him down and from the care, concern and loyalty he received from his friends, they all helped him to forgive himself and move on. His moving on was proven from his willingness to cross-dress as a woman for a mission in Final Fantasy VII and cracking a joke to lighten the atmosphere at times.

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Past Reviews

You guys dont even have the right name for the sword...its not the buster. Its the tsurugi...