Cater's Gun Replica Final Fantasy Type 0 - 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Cater’s Gun Replica Final Fantasy Type 0 – 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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The agile Cater isn't complete without her Magic Gun in hand! A uniquely-shaped gun in black with brown accents, weapon appreciators would be pleased with the details of this replica! The side and grip features embossed silver details, while the trigger guard is shaped just like the original. Wield this in Cater cosplay mode or simply put it up as an impressionable display piece!

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Cater's Battle Style (Final Fantasy)

- Cater Bio by Tsunade

With her impulsive character, one can expect Cater to have a very aggressive attack in battle. Her unique battle weapon is the Magic Gun that she wields in her right hand, as compared to the Dual Guns used by King. This Magic Gun shoots magically-enhanced shots with various degrees of damage. Bullets of all three elements can be fired, and she has excellent Magic stats.

With her agility and quick speed, Cater is good for beginner players as she can easily dodge attacks and ability to cancel her current action. This speed is also suitable for playing as a solo character during missions. However, it is noted that she has very low HP and Strength; her stats are considerably weak. HP-boosting accessories are thus highly recommended to extend her life for use as a good attacking player.

Cater's Magic Gun allows her to release rapid shots of quick succession ending with a charged shot, or remain idle while charging up her attack, then releasing the charged shot. Even though the first attack style will deal more damage on the opponent, it is risky for Cater as she cannot shoot while moving, and as such it is difficult to avoid attack from the enemy as she is shooting.

Cater's Mage's Backpack is exclusive and increases all magic stats by 50, and provides 40% resistance against attacks. Kill Site and Break Site can be used to Cater's advantage with her speed.

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