Ace Cards (Final Fantasy Type-0)

Ace Cards (Final Fantasy Type-0)

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Ace from the legendary Class Zero in Final Fantasy Type-0 uses a really convenient set of weapons in the form of magical cards. Own 4 of his unique card weapons in this Ace Cards set. Great for cosplaying as Ace or simply for collection!

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Product Description

Measurement (per card) Width= 3.4 inches Height= 6.3 inches

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Ace Biography (Final Fantasy)

- Ace Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ace Gender: Male Age: 17 Weapon: Card Ultimate Weapon: Final Trump Trinity Attack: Straight Flush Personality/Background: Ace is described to have a cool and a pretty boy look. While he appears indifferent and cold and often displays solid face expressions, he speaks with maturity and arrogance. Though he looks composed at times, he is reckless in his actions when he rages. Despite his icy personality, he takes no hesitance in protecting his allies and friends. During battle, Ace wields a deck of cards which he throws at his enemies with quick ranges. Although Ace is fragile and has low HP, his quick and commendable dodging allows him to attack his opponents while defending himself.