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    Vincent Valentine Dirge of Cerebus Necklace (Final Fantasy 7)

    $19.90 $10.99

    This beautiful Dirge of Cerebus’ necklace from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children is excellently molded from a metal alloy. A great gift and for cosplaying!

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    Cloud’s Buster Sword Replica Keychain v.2

    $13.50 $7.99

    Cloud Strife’s legendary Buster sword is perfectly replicated in this breathtaking 5.9” (15cm) mini weapon replica with keychain. It has black glossy finish with dark red handle to complement your keys! An awesome collection for all Final Fantasy VII fans!

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    Cloud Strife Buster Sword Replica (7 pc/set) Final Fantasy VII

    $45.00 $28.99

    This is a miniature replica of Cloud Strife's legendary Buster Sword from Advent Children; in its fully detachable into 7 pieces glory. At maximum measurement of 4.5″, you can assemble it and disassemble it part by part to your fancy. This high grade Buster Swrod replica is made of metallic alloy and coated with a brass finishing. Details are stunning. Collectors mustn't miss this!

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    Fenrir Necklace Version 3- Cloudy Wolf Motif (Final Fantasy 7)

    $24.90 $15.99

    A symbol that has become known to represent the sombre and cool Cloud Strife, Fenrir, also known as Cloudy Wolf comes as a silver pendant on this chain necklace. Intricately carved in silver and accented with black to give it a rugged feel, this piece makes for a unisex necklace that can go well with any outfit!

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    Tidus Brotherhood Replica Keychain (Final Fantasy X)

    $10.99 $6.99

    This Final Fantasy X keychain features the Tidus Brotherhood Replica, miniaturized. Measuring at approximately 12cm. This Brotherhood mini replica is chromed in a beautiful dark metallic hue and a must-have for all fans of Final Fantasy 10. Only while stocks last!

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    Blazefire Saber Lightning Weapon Keychain (Final Fantasy 13)

    $14.90 $7.99

    From the Final Fantasy 13 series comes this wonderful miniature Blazefire Saber which is wielded by Lightning. With an approximate length of 12 cm, this Blazefire Saber keychain is intricately done, including the exact same fine details, lining and cut. Certainly a delight for fans of the Final Fantasy series!

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    Yuna Cosplay Necklace (Final Fantasy X-2)

    $26.90 $15.99

    This replica of Yuna’s flower shaped pendant she wore with her summoner clothes are beautifully dainty. The pendant comes attached with a silver necklace chain and 2 pure diamond crystal studs. Not only is this an excellent collection for Final Fantasy X fans, it is also a perfect gift for your loved ones or for cosplay!

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    FFVII Cloudy Wolf Earrings (v.2)

    $12.90 $10.99

    This Final Fantasy 7 Cloudy Wolf Earrings are worn by Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife and other characters from the series! The legendary Cloudy Wolf emblem on this pair of clip on earrings will be a nice addition to your Final Fantasy accessories. Approximately measuring at 1cm by 1cm height and width. Comes in a beautiful dark matallic glossy finish!

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    Yazoo Keychain (Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children)

    $5.00 $3.99

    Yazoo, one of the brothers looking for the Mother, Jenova, from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children is around 2.5″ on this keychain. Collect Yazoo and his brothers in this Final Fantasy 7 keychains series!

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    Yuna Earrings Set (FFX)

    $35.00 $18.99

    Yuna probably has the best fashion sense amongst all the heroines in the Final Fantasy games. If you love her traditional Japanese kimono fusion of a dress, you'd love this set of earrings which she wears on one ear to go with it. The earrings she wears include the main long beaded earring reminiscent of tribal patterns, and 3 shorter round beaded ones, which are less visible yet peeks out when she her hair gets flung away from her ear or when her hair billows in the wind.

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    Kadaj Keychain (Final Fantasy 7)

    $5.00 $3.99

    Kadaj who turned into Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children is around 2.5″ on this keychain holding his sword. Collect Kadaj and his brothers in this Final Fantasy 7 keychains series!

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    Final Fantasy X – Tidus Arm Guard Cosplay

    $68.00 $55.99

    Tidus is the main protagonist of the hit 2001 PS2 game, Final Fantasy X. He is the star Blitzball player of the Zanarkand Abes and is also the son of Zanarkand's most beloved Blitzballer, Jecht. He is one of the most versatile characters in game which features a powerful special move (called Limit Breaks). Complete your Tidus cosplay with this Blitzball arm guard which can be seen in-game.

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    Yuna Gunner Tiny Bee Guns Final Fantasy X-2 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

    $200.00 $132.99

    Please allow approximately 2-3 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

    Known as the “Tiny Bee” gun, this set of two is used by Yuna as twin pistols in the Gunner dressphere. Crafted using high quality resin, the pistol hammer at the back features the iconic quadrant. Collectors and cosplayers alike would be pleased to see a chrome finish to the pistol, and the embossed design on the gold slide, giving it a touch of authenticity!

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    Cater’s Backpack Bag (Final Fantasy Type 0)

    $101.00 $84.99

    Sport the schoolgirl look with this brown messenger-style backpack unique to Cater! Large enough widthwise and with a considerable depth, this would make a stylish yet convenient bag for school! Secured with 2 front straps over the front flap, it also includes 2 inner front pockets, and strap pads on the bag straps for less stress on your shoulders! Great as a fashion statement to school as well!

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    Lightning Gestalt Mode Weapon Replica Keychain (FFXIII)

    $14.90 $8.99

    Beautifully chromed and measuring at approximately 12cm (4.7inches), collect this mini replica of the weapon used by Lightning in her Gestalt Mode in the Final Fantasy XIII series. Comes with a keychain to attach to your bags, keys or other accessories. While stocks last.

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    Ace Cards (Final Fantasy Type-0)

    $17.90 $13.99

    Ace from the legendary Class Zero in Final Fantasy Type-0 uses a really convenient set of weapons in the form of magical cards. Own 4 of his unique card weapons in this Ace Cards set. Great for cosplaying as Ace or simply for collection!

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    Final Fantasy X Tidus Bracelet Cosplay

    $35.00 $24.99

    From the popular PS2 game of 2001, Final Fantasy X, Tidus is the main protagonist and the story centres around him and the quest to defeat Sin and get back home. Along the way, he is joined by some of the most memorable characters from the series. Pay tribute to the star player of the Zanarkand Abes with this vibrant bracelet replica that he wears in the game.

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    Golbez Shadow Dragon Ring

    $17.00 $9.99

    This Final Fantasy Shadow Dragon Ring features Golbez's fearsome shadow dragon. Intricately designed with the dragon draped halfway round a non-adjustable US size 7 ring. Even non-fans of Final Fantasy would find this stunning ring irresistible.

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    Vaan Necklace (Final Fantasy 12)

    $19.90 $12.99

    This rare life-size replica of Vaan's pendant on his necklace is not to be missed! For cosplaying and as a collection for FF 12 fans. The measurement of the pendant is 3.1″ x 3.5″.

    This item is currently only available in USA

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    Save Crystal Necklace (Final Fantasy 12)

    $18.99 $9.99

    This Final Fantasy 12 necklace embodies the turquoise-blue save crystal enclosed in a metallic chrome frame measuring at approximately 3cm length and 1.2cm width. A beautiful necklace, not only for Final Fantasy fans, but all ladies as well!

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    Loz Keychain (FF7 Advent Children)

    $5.00 $3.99

    Loz, one of the brothers looking for the Mother, Jenova, is around 2.5″ on this keychain. Collect Loz, who had a battle with Tifa, in this Final Fantasy 7 keychains series!

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    Final Fantasy Type-0 – Kurasame Susaya Mask (Premium Cosplay Prop)

    $120.00 $62.90

    Please allow approximately 2 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

    Kurasame Susaya is one of the popular characters from the video game, Final Fantasy Type-0. He is known as the Commanding Officer of Class Zero and also for his battle prowess. Complete your Kurasame cosplay with this highly detailed replica of his mask as seen in the game.

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    Cater’s Gun Replica Final Fantasy Type 0 – 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

    $140.00 $93.99

    Please allow approximately 2-3 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

    The agile Cater isn't complete without her Magic Gun in hand! A uniquely-shaped gun in black with brown accents, weapon appreciators would be pleased with the details of this replica! The side and grip features embossed silver details, while the trigger guard is shaped just like the original. Wield this in Cater cosplay mode or simply put it up as an impressionable display piece!

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    Final Fantasy XII: Silver Cloudy Wolf Pin (Version 3)

    $16.00 $12.99

    Often seen adorning the left chest on Cloud Strife's black jacket, this icon of Fenrir the Cloudy wolf is recognizable to all Final Fantasy fans! In reflective silver, the details of this piece gives much depth and texture to the pin, which also has blue crystals accenting the eyes of Fenrir. Great for cosplay, or simply a reminder of the lone Cloud that can be pinned onto you bag or purse!

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    Save Crystal Ring (Final Fantasy 12)

    $17.00 $8.99

    This Final Fantasy 12 Save ring features the blue save crystal in a non-adjustable US sz 6 ring. Made with the highest quality silver with a stunning polished chrome finishing halfway draped across the blue gem save crystal. A truly beautiful gift!

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    Final Fantasy Weapon Replica Set

    $31.10 $15.99

    Collect this exclusive Final Fantasy mini Weapon Set. This set contains shiny silver chrome assorted mini 8 weapon set. Approximately measuring at 9.5cm high by 1.5cm width per weapon. Comes in an exclusive box set measuring at 26.5cm length, 11.5cm breadth and 2cm width.

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    Eight Gloves – Final Fantasy Type-0 (Cosplay)

    $69.80 $61.99

    You know you want this. I haven’t played Final Fantasy Type-0 but I know this is on my ‘Want List’. Every character in the game have their own unique accessories and Eight has this badass looking pair of open-finger-tip gloves with red ‘claws’.

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    Final Fantasy Type-0 – Nine Longinus (Premium Cosplay Prop)

    $300.00 $220.99

    The Lance of Longinus is the ultimate weapon of spear-wielding character Nine. Our featured replica of the Longinus is a top-quality (cosplay-only)weapon made from metal for that solid look and feel along with polyurethane leather for that comfortable grip. For convenience, the weapon is detachable into three parts and the fine details of the weapon were meticulously carved and handpainted for that truly authentic look that you won't get anywhere else.

    Please allow approximately 3 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

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    Yuna Ring

    $19.50 $12.99

    Inspired from the beautiful ring which Yuna wears in the Final Fantasy X game, this ring is crafted in the image of the white flower petals on the ring. Made of steel with enamel white finishing and a lovely white crystal embedded in the middle. Perfect for cosplaying and a great gift even for non Yuna fans! Ring comes in free size.

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    Final Fantasy Type 0 – Trey Bow and Arrow (Premium Cosplay Prop)

    $360.00 $298.99


    Please allow approximately 2 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

    This featured item is Trey's bow and arrow replica which is his weapon of choice in-game which he uses to perform an array of long-distance attacks such as Raining Arrows and Hawkeye.

    The bow is engraved with detailed precision to make it look just like Trey's in-game longbow and it can be easily assembled and disassembled for the comfort of the cosplayers to bring this awesome masterpiece around. Handcrafted to produce the highest quality, this exclusive weapon cosplay is made to order.

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    Final Fantasy Type 0 – Sice Scythe Replica (Premium Cosplay Prop)

    $380.00 $279.99


    Please allow approximately 2 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

    Sice is one of the main playable characters in the 2011 PSP game, Final Fantasy Type-O. Her main weapon of choice is a two headed scythe which she wields effectively. Complete your Sice cosplay with this highly detailed scythe replica which can be assembled and disassembled conveniently.

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    Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Purse

    $12.99 $3.99

    This black purse measures 4.5″ by 3.5″ and features the Cloudy Wolf emblem from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.


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