Saber Caliburn and Avalon Miniature Collectible

Saber Caliburn and Avalon Miniature Collectible

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An intricate miniature collectible of the famous sword that Saber pulls from the stone and was declared King- the Caliburn is one that most would definitely recognise. Adorned in golden details and accented with pearly turquoise and red, the designs are carved in fine details, even on the blade of the sword. Sliding in and out of the hilt smoothly, this piece makes a great collectible!

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Product Description

Width: 1.75"
Height: 6.5" (Full), 5.25" (Sheath)

- Metal

Additional Information

Weight 0.108 kg

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Saber's Childhood (Caliburn)

- Saber Bio by Tsunade

One of the protagonists of the Fate/stay night series, Saber is known for being the female depiction of King Arthur, being the one who wielded the Caliburn from the stone. However, she was not born into royal blood as one would expect of any other King. Saber, whose true name is Altria Pendragon was born to ascend the throne when the powerful Roman Empire fell to war with barbarians. This period was thus known as the Dark Ages, a period when wars were rife. Unfortunately, Altria was not what her father, Uther Pendragon (King of Britain) had hoped for- he had hoped for a boy to success his throne, in spite of her fate being one of a King.

Simply because she was not male, Saber was made to be raised as a normal child of a knight, rather than one of royalty. While Uther was extremely disappointed at the outcome, Merlin was not bothered; he believed gender did not define a King, and the orders to have her raised normally would prove even more obviously that she was made to be a King.

Saber was then taken under the care of the wise Sir Ector, who decided that she should be raised as a knight. Saber herself was perseverant, and trained daily on her own, with the natural competitive spirit of a true knight. Despite not being told of anything along those lines, Saber herself swore to wield her sword only for the reason that "only a king can save a ruined country headed for death". During this period, she grew up with Sir Kay, with whom she trained with and loved as a brother even though she found out later they were not related by blood.

On the day during which it was prophesized that the new King would be chosen, knights from all across the land travelled to where the 'test' would be held. Expecting it to be a test of jousting, they were all surprised to be greeted with a sword stuck in a stone. On it was inscribed "Whosoe'er pulleth out this sword of this stone is rightwise king born of England". Many knights attempted, but no one succeeded. Only an apprentice and not of status, Saber reached for the sword. Merlin appeared, warning her that this was not simply an act of removing the sword but one of responsibility if she became King- but she was born ready to take this sword out and give up a regular human life to be King. As she pulled, the sword slid out naturally and a light emated- the King had been chosen.