Saber Alter Dark Excalibur 1:1 Scale Replica (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Saber Alter Dark Excalibur 1:1 Scale Replica (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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A handsome, dark sword casted in a matte, shiny black, this replica of the Dark Excalibur wielded by Saber Alter is a great addition to the collection of avid fans! The blade is faceted with gives it a touch of authenticity, and engraved in red with the unique design seen in the series. The cross-guard is curved upward and also features the red engraved design. Below it, the grip is cylindrical and smooth, making it easy to wield. Perfect for cosplaying the dark hero Saber turns into, this also makes a great display piece!

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Product Description

Approximate Measurements
- Length: 42.5"
- Width: 9.84"
- Thickness: 0.65"

- Resin

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Weight 3 kg

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Saber Biography (Fate/Stay Night)

- Saber Bio by Tsunade

Name: Saber
Original Identity: Altria Pendragon Gender: Female
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Green

Born into the Dark Ages (extended period of war) as the heir to the throne of the King of Britain, Saber was denied her right to the throne as she was not male, and made to be raised as the child of a knight. Her true identity is King Arthur, the 'Once and Future Kind' and the 'King of Knights', a legendary hero of England. She wielded the Caliburn, which she pulled seemingly naturally from the stone and rightfully became King. Saber Alter arose from the corruption of Saber's personality, and she becomes a dark hero who believes her duty is to be ostracised and to exterminate her enemies since the time she drew the Caliburn. Saber Alter decides to entrust her blade to All the World's Evils and loses faith in the ideals set for the people and herself.

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