Fate Stay Night Collectibles Set

Fate Stay Night Collectibles Set

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Get your Holy Grail War fix with this collectibles set featuring the miniature weapons of the Servants from the Fate/stay Night series. With nine different weapons featuring swords such as the Caliburn and Rule Breaker. These intricately designed replicas can serve as a display or it can function as a keychain which is provided in this collection.

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Product Description

Black Excalibur: 5"
Excalibur: 5"
Caliburn: 5"
Sword: 4.4"
Nameless Dagger: 4.5"
Sword of Rapture: 4.75"
Dual head sword: 4.75"
Axe sword: 4"
Rule Breaker: 2.5"

- Metal

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About the Holy Grail War (Fate Stay Night)

- Holy Grail War Information by Tsunade

The Holy Grail War refers to the battle royale competition that will determine who is the owner of the Holy Grail; Similar only in name to the Christian relic, the Holy Grail in Fate/stay Night is an item that grants it's user the ability to get or achieve anything he or she desires. The Grail requires sixty years to acquire enough mana so summon Servants; Heroic Spirits summoned using the Holy Grail for the sole purpose of competing for their Masters in the Holy Grail War.

The Grail itself selects the Masters. The selection time is anywhere from many years in advance, to just before the Holy Grail War starts. The Grail favours Masters from the three founding families; Einzbern, Matou, and the protagonist family of Fate/stay Night, Tohsaka. Out of the several potential Masters, only the firs seven to summon Servants can gain Command Spells along with the right to participate and act as Masters although it is possible for unchosen people to excercise act as Masters by finding Masterless Servants.

In Fate/stay Night, the fifth Holy Grail War took place in the year 2004 and in various possible scenarios, the winner was either Shirou Emiya, Sakura Matou or Rin Tohsaka. Ten years after the fifth War, the Holy Grail was dismantled.