Saber’s Excalibur and Avalon Replica Collectible

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From the Fate/stay Night series, the Excalibur is the grand daddy of all the swords and nothing even comes close. Our featured product is the chewable version of the Excalibur. Enjoy this highly detailed sword replica complete with its sheath as a keychain or just for display.

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Product Description

- Excalibur sword and sheath

- 6.5" x 1.5"

- Metal

Additional Information

Weight 0.108 kg

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Excalibur (Fate/stay Night)

- Excalibur Information by Tsunade

Name: Excalibur
Title: Sword of Promised Victory
Owner: Saber
Type: Anti-Fortress, Anti-Unit
Rank: A++
Range: 1-99

From the Fate/stay Night series, The Excalibur is the strongest and the most majestic holy sword that represents Saber aka King Arthur. The Excalibur is Saber's physical actualization of her ideals as well as the symbol for her heroism, thus, it is her greatest Noble Phantasm. The sword is of Divine Construct and the pinnacle of all holy swords. It is a Last Phantasm, one of the god-forged ultimate weapons constructed by the planet as crystallization of mankind's wishes. Before being passed on to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake, it was guarded by Fairies which are extensions of the planet.

Despite the many other crafted Noble Phantasms with seemingly more skills and splendor, the Excalibur far surpasses any of them and calling it beautiful just because of it's appearance is said to be only 'dirtying' it as the sword is the sacred form of people's conception, making it the strongest fantasy. Appearance-wise, it's design is Western inspired. It is 90cm by 12 cm with Fairy Letters engraved to show that it is not man-made. It is often clad in Invisible Air to mask its identity and to boost its power. To unleash it's full potential, the Excalibur must be revealed.

As for it's usage, it is known as the 'sword that amplifies', the Excalibur converts the user's magical energy into a form of offensive power before releasing it. It can only be described as a weapon of directive energy, it converts the wielder's energy into light by accelerating it with her 'factor of the dragon', intensifying the kinetic energy and accelerating it. Its 'ultimate killing technique' releases light holding energy which destroys everything in it's path and even if dodged, those close in proximity will be affected by its intensity.