Caliburn and Sheathe Collector's Keychain (Golden)

Caliburn and Sheathe Collector’s Keychain (Golden)

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With intricate engravings and immaculate embossed detail that weapon lovers are sure to delight over, this replica comes in the form of a keychain that can be conveniently clipped on. Entirely in gold, it also features gems set both in the sheath and hilt, giving it a distinct air of royalty. Painted detail carries down the blade and gives the impression of a sword dancing with light and glowing with an inner power!

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Product Description

Excalibur Length: 6.1"
Avalon Length: 4.9"

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg

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About the Caliburn (Fate/Stay Night)

- About the Caliburn by Tsunade

"Whosoe'er pulleth out this sword of this stone is rightwise king born of England"- With this phrase engraved on the hilt, the Caliburn has come to be a symbol of King of Knights, a legendary hero of England. Saber becomes it's owner after she wields it from the stone. Despite being also known as the Golden Sword of Assured Victory, it was destroyed in battle but still remains Saber's favourite sword. It has also been noted to put Saber's age at a standstill the moment she drew it from the stone.

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