Fairy Tail – Lucy Heartfilia’s Whip (cosplay)

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Lucy Heartfilia is the main female protagonist of the Fairy Tail series. She is a powerful Mage from Team Natsu and is considered the sanest person in the group. Your Lucy Heartfilia cosplay is less than perfect without her weapon of choice – a black whip, easily identifiable with its heart shaped end. Our featured item is the replica of Lucy's whip intricately detailed with its brown and red leather grip for maximum comfort and of course at the other end is the heart shaped tail unique to her weapon.

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Product Description

- Lucy Heartfilia whip

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Lucy Heartfilia(Fairy Tail)

- Lucy Heartfilia Bio by Tsunade

Name: Lucy Heartfilia
Age: 17
Birthday: Year X767
Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Team: Team Natsu
Occupation: Mage
Gender: Female

Lucy Heartfilia is a major character in the popular anime and manga series, Fairy Tail. She is a 17-year old Mage from the Fairy Tail Guild wherein she is a part of Team Natsu. She was first introduced as a novice Mage looking for a guild to join. Lucy eventually joins the Fairy Tail Guild after being invited and she becomes an active member of Natsu's team. Appearance-wise, Lucy is an attractive young woman with blonde hair and brown eyes and unlike most characters, Lucy changes her outfit more frequently.

Personality-wise, Lucy is known for her great self-confidence and sex appeal. Underneath her vanity, she is genuinely a caring person towards people close to her as well as her Celestial Spirits which she treats as her friends, unlike most people who sees them as just tools and objects in battle. Being a member of Team Natsu, Lucy is exposed to some degree of idiocy displayed by her team members and she is usually the one to keep a cool head and not resort to violence. Ability-wise, Lucy practices Celestial Spirit Magic which allows her to summon the magical beings from the Celestial Spirit World by using a Key to summon a particular Spirit. Aside from her mage powers, she is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat as well as using whip as a weapon.