Fairy Tail Guild Logo Necklace (Silver)

Fairy Tail Guild Logo Necklace (Silver)

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A classic piece in silver, this pendant of the Fairy Tail guild logo is a subtle statement and comes with a simple black necklace. Embark on your adventure as one of the members of the notorious Fairy Tail!

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Product Description

Width: 1.8"
Height: 0.9"

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Introduction to Guilds (Fairy Tail)

- Information on Guilds by Tsunade

In Fiore, one of the countries on Earth Land and where Fairy Tail is set in, there are many organizations known as Guilds. These Guilds are formed so that Mages (those who can wield any kind of Magic, also known as Wizards) can take up specialised Jobs to earn Jewels while training their Magic. Without affiliating themselves to a Guild, Mages are not considered full-fledged.

These Guilds are managed under the rule of the Magic Council, the ruling body of the Magic World headed by the King. This Council consists of very powerful Mages that have the ability to legalize or even disband Guilds if they step out of line. They also have the duties of ensuring that the Mages behave. are lawfully employed, and not causing trouble with their Magic.

There are three types of Magic Guilds: Legal, Dark and Independent Guilds. Those which have been approved and registered with the Magic Council are grouped under 'Legal', while those who have not are considered 'Dark'. These dark Guilds are illegal and the members are thus treated as criminals. An Independent Guild is something that is in-between- Neither criminal nor recognized by the Council. As such, they are not wanted by the Council unless they step out of line. Aside from Magic Guilds, there are other guilds for the remaining 90% of inhabitants of Earth Land who do not possess Magic abilities, such as Treasure Hunter or Merchant Guilds.

In a Guild, the typical hierarchy consists of Mages at the lowest tier, S-Class Mages and the Guild Master at the peak. Mages are, as mentioned above simply users of Magic. They take on regular Jobs, and at times S-Class Jobs when supervised by an S-Class Mage. The S-Class Mages are acknowledged by the Guild Master to be powerful enough to take on S-Class Jobs, which are more dangerous to the extent of risking their lives. Mages can be 'promoted' to be an S-Class Mage depending on situation; in Fairy Guild's case, they have a special Tournament to help with that decision. The Guild Master is simply the head of the Guild, usually the one with the strongest powers. His or Her job is to control the members and keep them in check, giving them tasks and having the power to accept or remove members.