Celestial Gate Key - Virgo (with keychain)

Celestial Gate Key – Virgo (with keychain)

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This Fairy Tail Virgo Golden Key is life sized Celestial Gate Gold Key on a chromed gold high quality polished keychain. Virgo, the very loyal, obedient pink haired maid currently serving “Princess” Lucy Heartifillia and formerly Duke Everlue. Measures at approximately 6.5cm by 2 cm. Collect with all other Celestial Golden Gate Keys now!

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Virgo Biography (Fairy Tail)

- Virgo Bio by Tsunade

Name: Virgo
Nickname: The Maiden
Race: Celestial Spirit
Gender: Female
Skill: Earth Magic
Key Type: Gold
Previous Owner: Duke Everlue
Owner: Lucy Heartfilia

History Background: When Virgo was in contract with her previous owner, Duke Everlue, she took the form of a plump maid with two pony tails. It was suggested that Duke has a fetish for plump, oversized ladies in maid costume (yuck!), hence Virgo’s appearance. When Lucy made a contract with Virgo, her appearance has changed from “Gorilla Maid” (according to Natsu), to a beauty. Virgo can take the form of anything her owner desires.

Personality: Virgo has difficulty separating right from wrong, and is always asking whether she should be punished. She remains unchanging in her facial expressions but loyal to her owner, so much so that she would change her appearance for them. She loves calling Lucy “Princess” too, which I don’t think Lucy would mind at all. In my opinion, I like Virgo’s ability to change her appearance as I love to see changes in a character, whether physically or mentally.