Celestial Gate Key - Taurus (with keychain)

Celestial Gate Key – Taurus (with keychain)

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From Fairy Tail series comes this Celestial Gate key on a keychain featuring the somewhat pervertic Taurus! Taurus is a Zodiac Celestial Spirit summoned by Lucy Heartifillia, and his key shows a double-sided axe. Measures at approximately 6cm by 1.4cm. Collect all the Celestial gate keys from Fairy Tail!

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Taurus Biography (Fairy Tail)

- Taurus Bio by Tsunade

Name: Taurus
Nickname: The Golden Bull
Race: Celestial Spirit
Gender: Male
Skill: Physical combatant (Wields a large axe). Does not use magic
Key Type: Gold
Owner: Lucy Heartfilia

History Background: Taurus has an uninteresting history, which consists of him mostly chewing on grass in a green field before Lucy’s appearance. Taurus and Lucy made a Celestial contract and he promised to protect Lucy and her body.

Personality: Taurus is known for his strong perverseness, but that’s what made him a fun character. He focuses on protecting his owner when the time calls for it, showing off his warrior-like combat moves. Taurus loves to praise Lucy’s breasts mostly and vow to always protect Lucy’s body. A little perverseness in every anime makes everything much more entertaining, don’t you think?