Celestial Gate Key - Sagittarius (with keychain)

Celestial Gate Key – Sagittarius (with keychain)

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This Fairy Tail Sagittarius Celestial Gate Key comes attached to a golden keychain. The Zodiacal Celestial Spirit of a tall black-haired lanky dude in a horse attire punctuates his sentences with “moshi mosh”. Currently contracted to Lucy Heatifillia. Measures at approximately 6.5cm by 2 cm. Start collecting all your silver and gold Celestial Gate keys now!

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Sagittarius Biography (Fairy Tail)

- Sagittarius Bio by Tsunade

Name: Sagittarius
Nickname: The Archer
Race: Celestial Spirit
Gender: Male
Skill: Archer
Key Type: Gold
Previous Owner: Moka
Owner: Lucy Heartfilia

Personality: Respectful to his owner and a very proper Spirit, he obeys commands and takes actions quickly. Dumb as he looks, he takes commands a little bit too literally.

I do wish Sagittarius would look much like how Lucy imagined him to be. Half-man and half-horse looks much better than the geekier appearance the archer has currently, which is a man clothed in a horse costume.