Celestial Gate Key - Leo ( with keychain )

Celestial Gate Key – Leo ( with keychain )

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From Fairy Tail series comes the life sized Leo Celestial Gate Key! Said to be the leader of the Zodiacal Celestial Spirit currently summoned by Lucy Heartifillia. 'Leo the Lion' is Loke, former Fairy Tail wizard, who also possesses the ability to summon himself using his own magical powers. A symbol of Leo in red against a white backdrop atop a gold key. Measures at approximately 6.5cm by 2 cm. Collect with all other gold celestial gate keys!

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Loke Biography (Fairy Tail)

- Loke Bio by Tsunade

Human Name: Loke
Spirit Name: Leo the Lion
Race: Celestial Spirit
Gender: Male
Skill: Ring Magic, Transformation, Regulus
Key Type: Gold
Previous Owner: Karen Lilica
Owner: Lucy Heartfilia
Guild: Fairy Tail
Previous Partner: Gray Fullbuster

History Background: While Aries and Leo were in the hands of Karen, their previous Celestial Spirit owner, Aries would always be tortured. Leo demanded for Aries and himself to be released by Karen, by threatening to stay in the human world until she agrees to it, so that Karen is unable to summon any other Spirits. Leo stayed for three months in the human world and adapted to his new setting. He was about to forgive Karen and return to the Spirit World when Karen accidentally got killed by Angel, when she fought against her without her Spirits. Leo had violated his contract with Karen and was forbidden to return to the Spirit World. He was left with no choice but to disguise himself as a human named Loke and joined Fairy Tail.

Personality: When he came to Fairy Tail, Loke became flirtatious with women around him. He even topped the ranks as the “Mage you want to have as your boyfriend”. However, when he tried seducing Erza, he got his butt kicked. (laughs) I have to admit, I might have a little crush on Loke, especially when he is in combat mode.