Celestial Gate Key - Horologium (with keychain)

Celestial Gate Key – Horologium (with keychain)

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This life sized Fairy Tail Horologium Key features the Celestial Gate key of the clock celestial spirit. The key is a dark silver quality plated Gate Key attached to a keychain. This Fairy Tail Celestial Spirit Horologium Key is currently owned by Lucy Heartifillia, and soon to be owned by you! Measures at approximately 6.5cm by 2 cm. Collect with all other celestial gate keys!

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Horologium Biography (Fairy Tail)

- Horologium Bio by Tsunade

Name: Horologium
Nickname: The Clock
Race: Celestial Spirit
Gender: Male
Skill: Used as shelter and transport, as well as a narrator
Key Type: Silver
Owner: Lucy Heartfilia

Personality: He is over-protective with his owner and those around him. He can’t resist summoning himself out just to protect people. He also loves to narrate whoever is in his body, as his glass body seems to be noise-proof.

I love when he gets summoned (or he summons himself) and narrate for people. I find it entertaining to see people in his body, opening and closing their mouths like fishes without any voices heard.