Celestial Gate Key - Aquarius (with keychain)

Celestial Gate Key – Aquarius (with keychain)

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From Fairy Tail series comes the life sized Aquarius Celestial Gate Key! The Zodiacal Celestial Spirit of the Water Bearer currently belongs to Lucy Heartifillia, and was the first Celestial Spirit to appear in Fairy Tail. Measures at approximately 6.5cm by 2.5 cm. Get it now!

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Aquarius Biography (Fairy Tail)

- Aquarius Bio by Tsunade

Name: Aquarius
Nickname: The Water Bearer
Race: Celestial Spirit
Gender: Female
Skill: Water Magic
Key Type: Gold
Previous Owner: Layla Heartfilia
Owner: Lucy Heartfilia
Boyfriend: Scorpio

History Background: Aquarius used to belong to Lucy’s mother, Layla Heartfilia. When Layla retired from her occupation as a Celestial Spirit Mage due to health complications, she assigned Aquarius’ key to another Mage and instructed him to present it to Lucy if she ever chooses to become a Celestial Spirit Mage.

Personality: Whenever Lucy summons Aquarius, she would always appear moody and hot-tempered and often seen threatening Lucy that she would kill her. While other Celestial Spirits obey Lucy on her command, Aquarius finds it annoying for her to be ordered around by Lucy. She would only attack when she is in the mood. Usually in fights, she would attack the opponent indifferently and then attack Lucy (because she ‘feels like it’). In spite of being the most powerful Celestial Spirit of Lucy’s, Aquarius does show signs of concern for Lucy at times. Her attitude changes to the opposite of her usual, when she reconciles with her boyfriend Scorpio. Being all kind and loving, Aquarius intimidates Lucy to keep shush of her usual moodiness. One of Aquarius’ hobbies would be taunting Lucy of not having a boyfriend. All kinds of anime-lovers would enjoy watching Aquarius’ split personality.