Goku And Buu Posters Set

Goku And Buu Posters Set

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A very elaborate set of 2 posters featuring Goku and Buu, this is the perfect wall ornament for Dragon Ball fans! Narrowly-cut, these can fit on small wall panels and behind locker or closet doors! View the detailed artwork of these characters' different forms up-close and personal!

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Product Description

Width: 7.2"
Length: 20.3"

- Paper

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About The Kid Buu Saga (Dragon Ball)

- Information on Kid Buu Saga by Tsunade

Upon completing his transformation, Kid Buu destroys Earth in a single energy blast and the Dragon Balls along with it. He then reforms from the remains and go in search of Goku and Vegeta. Goku fights Kid Buu in Super Saiyan 3 form, but is unable to defeat him thanks to the latter's regeneration technique and strength. Kid Buu finds himself unable to attack Mr.Satan (after defeating Vegeta), and spits something out- which turns out to be Good Majin Buu, who is also defeated by the Kid Buu form when he tries to defend the others. Goku and the rest decide to create a Super Spirit Bomb, which finally manages to disintegrate Kid Buu. Goku then uses the Dragon Balls to erase the memories of Majin Buu from the Earthlings, so Good Majin Buu can start a new life.