Dragon Ball Z – Vegito Potara Earrings Earrings (Yellow)

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These earrings are inspired by the Potara earrings from the Dragon Ball anime series. Potara earrings are worn by Kaioshins who are Gods that rule over separate quadrants of the universe. Old Kai gives his pair of Potara to Goku, who then fuses with Vegeta to become Vegito. Feel the power of Vegito by getting this mystical pair of Potara yellow earrings!

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Product Description

Material: Zinc Alloy Metal
Ball Size: Approximately 0.62 x 1.57 inches
Color: Yellow
Weight: Approximately 6.3g

Additional Information

Metal color

Light Yellow Gold Color, Son Goku Earrings (Green), Time Ring, Vegito Earrings (Yellow)

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