Dragon Ball Orange Replica Balls (7/set)

Dragon Ball Orange Replica Balls (7/set)

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This set of the 7 legendary Dragon balls are awesome! Made of hard acrylic, each orange ball encases the dark orange stars in it; from 1 to 7 stars, giving the illusion that the stars are floating in the balls. These balls are a perfect replica and the quality is superb. You can even bounce them on the floor (we tried) and it hardly scratches*!

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Product Description

Measurement (each ball)
Circumference: 1.6"
Crystal like acrylic balls.
Weighs 1.6 ounces each.
It feels like it is made of glass. Doubles up as exercise balls, really bouncy. Perfectly smooth, no lines on the ball due to production. Doesn't scratch easily.

Additional Information

Weight 0.551 kg

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Description: Dragon Balls are orange spheres with different number of stars imprinted on each of them. The seven Dragon Balls have the ability to summon the Eternal Dragon Shenron, who will grant the wishes of the person who possesses all seven of them. The wishes that would be granted are said to be exactly how the wisher imagines them to be, making the seven Dragon Balls the attention of everyone. With selfish wishes of their own in the beginning, our main protagonists all wished for something selfless in the end, something that they have learnt to cherish during their journey.

Past Reviews

If I assemble all of them together, will a great green dragon be summoned and grant me a wish? If so, what size is this dragon, as I wouldn't want to damage my house by summoning him inside.

Sincerely, Ryan.