Devil May Cry - Nero Necklace

Devil May Cry – Nero Necklace

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Inspired from the larger-than-life necklace which Nero wears in the Devil May Cry games. A multi-faceted red gem set in silver, this pendant with its chain necklace is slightly larger in size and makes a statement piece!

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Nero Biography (Devil May Cry)

- Nero Bio by Tsunade

Name: Nero
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Blue

A cynical character known to be quick-tempered, Nero is arrogant and prefers to operate on his own. Being cocky of his abilities, he often mocks his enemies in battle, and is rebellious towards the Order, disregarding their rules and religion. He is however, loyal to his friends. Nero's uses the Devil Bringer (his demonic right arm), his customised Durdandal, revolver and Yamato (legendary sword) in battle.