Dante Ivory Gun - Silver (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Dante Ivory Gun – Silver (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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This elegant pistol in glossy silver made of high quality resin is a trademark 'right-hand man' of the rebellious Dante! A uniquely shaped pistol with its grip curving backwards and surface engraved with intricate designs, this is the modification of the original pistol models. Known to appear in a pair with its partner, Ebony, this non-functional 1:1 scale Ivory pistol would make a great display piece or convincing cosplay prop!

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Total length: 12.6"

- Resin

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Weight 3.2 kg

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Ivory the Pistol (Devil May Cry)

- Dante's Ivory Pistol by Tsunade

The protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, Dante has been noted to use this pair of semi-automatic customised pistols so much that it has become a part of his trademark look. He has been seen using these throughout every instalment of the series. The guns are said to be named after the song, 'Ebony & Ivory' by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, which speaks of racism in juxtaposition to the construction of black and white piano keys. It is noted that the left of the Ivory pistol (and right of Ebony pistol) is engraved with the motif of a piano as well as a cursive script of 'Ebony & Ivory'.

The Ivory pistol is used in the right hand of Dante. It is designed for quick firing and draw times, which complements the Ebony's ability for long-distance shots. Both pistols fire bullets powered with Dante's demonic power. The guns are M1900-style handguns with chambers fitting the .45 ACP round. They alsp feature pivot-style triggers and reinforced slides. The Ivory utilises a pair of combat sights for targeting, and a conventional round trigger guard (Ebony's trigger guard is hooked).

The wooden grip of Ivory is inlaid with the portrait of a blonde Victorian lady, depicting 'Ivory'. The right of Ivory's slide is engraved with 'For Tony Redgrave/ by .45 Art Warks'- apparently a dedication from Nell Goldstein. The gun also boasts several features such as the hammers and safety switches in gold.

It is noted that the left-handed version of Ivory used in Devil May Cry 3 is simply a recoloured version of the black Ebony.

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