Death Note 'L' Necklace

Death Note ‘L’ Necklace

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This necklace's exquisite pendent is a beautiful metallic font symbol of the great enigmatic detective who calls himself 'L'. Death Note and L fans have to get their hands on this great necklace!

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Past Reviews

I put this on my wishlist for my father to get me this Christmas.

My name starts with a B and I don't care, I'll wear this L all the time!! <3<3 He's my favorite detective ever and am such a big fan!!

When i get my L necklace there are going to be so many haters in my school. :3

I just got this necklace, It's perfect!
Gonna change the string when I get a chance.

Ahh! I HAVE to have this! I'll ask for it for my birthday. i already have an L shirt :) with like his face on it. and...well my name really does start with an L, so its not some random letter im wearing!

holy crap, a ****king must have, and my name really starts with L so for the haters i got an excuse :D DN is so good.

Must... Have... NECKLACE...

OMG I want it!! I <3 L plus people who don't know what it is won't say anything cuz my name even starts with L haha

Ahhhhh!!!!!!! I'm getting this for my birthday in like 3 days!!!!!! I'm soooo excitied!!!! I absolutly love L! He's the best!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!! ^_^

*wants it* L is my favorite character in death note

This is the coolest necklace ever :D. im getting this and one of the death notes for my b-day

Yay! I just bought this necklace! From the reviews, I think I will swap it out with a chain instead of a... Cloth line? I don't know. I just know I'm wearing it. :D

I absolutley adore this necklace! I think ill ask my mom to get it for me. :3 Because i love L! xD Hes my favorite character in death note! Right next to near. I wonder if they have this same necklace in hypoallergenic? I doubt it though. ^_^ I would totally recommend this for any L fan! x3

L Is my no. 1 crush
I have this L necklace
I love death note

dude if you wear this your are the coolest person ever. (L is beast and is my role model. I wanna be him)

I would buy it since I luv l,but isn't it a bit expensive for a piece of metal attached on a flimsy band? Its 12 plus shipping and handling. I don thinks thats a guD deal (:

I purchased this necklace a while ago. L is my favorite DN character, so of course I had to get this. I reccomend switching either strings or clasps because the original clasp is somewhat flimsy. Other than that, this is a great product. All my friends from Japanese Club want to know where I got it. I wear it often and it is a great conversation starter. I will also agree that it is good luck and would recommend it to any L fan.

Yeah, I have this L Necklace, It's awesome!

The L represents my last name which starts with an L.

It goes great with my GEASS V Symbol necklace, with that awesome silver-bead chain.

haha i love L :D
i absolutely lovee this necklace i almost never take it off :]]
i also like it cause my name starts with L lol :]

I have this!!
I never take it off.
It's the best.
The clasp broke while I was sledding though.
(that's my fault for being reckless)
I got a new clasp though, but
I almost cryed cuz the L fell off
&& I couldn't find it for like 3 hours!!
I did eventually find it though.
It makes me happy.

Wow! Just got mine this morning! It only took 5 days to get to Ireland, that's pretty good! I love it, so shiny! :D

LOL I have this necklace ^_^ although, if ur a girl buying it, which most of you will be, the string it comes on looks a little boy-ish, so I switched mine out with a small silver chain looks awesome ^_^ I love this necklace, and wear it everyday :3

Plus it's totally good luck. I won grand prize in a cosplay contest while wearing it lol

near is sooooo much better than L but this necklace is cool might get it if i cant find one for near

I might be getting this! I cannot wait until I get the money, so I could also get the death note! L is so cute! There is not gold, silver, anything that could replace L on a string ><

There's not a single piece of jewelry that's better than an L on a string

XD, i might get that.

If you wear this you are a gangster with the best bling bling ever =P