Death Note Book (Large Size) – Movie Replica Version

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Shipping to USA / AUS / EU / Rest of the World
- Air Mail: 2 days prep + 10 to 21 days delivery
- Express: 2 days prep + 2 to 6 days delivery

This Death Note notebook is the closest exact replica in terms of size to the Death Note Book featured in the manga series. Includes 52 very specific instructions on how to 'kill' people. Measurement is approximately 10.3″ by 7.3″.

No estimated reproduction date after item is sold out

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Product Description

No. of blank 'lined' pages: 94, Rules: 52

Review from Gabriel Sharp

I've just recieved my Death Note.
EXCELLENT! Top Quality, absolutely amazing.
I almost cried with joy when I first read it. Lots of silver details and perfect replication.

For those still wondering, this is how to book goes:
1. Front Cover, silver text
2. Inner cover reading "Death note" with silver wings detail.. Hard to explain
3. 52 Rules - On thick, black paper.
4. About 10 white lined pages with Names written on them. (By Kira, *wink*)
5. Absolutely loads of extra lined white pages for your own notes.
All pages are the very top-most quality, lined printed and detailed extremely nicely.
Never regret buying this. Fast delivery too.

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Past Reviews

-facepalm- I can't believe Light sold the Death Note online... I'll have to follow so many people... Crap.

just ordered my death note hope is as good as all of you say im a big fan of death note i read the manga and watched the anime one the same time and i think my favorite character is l.lawliet

Ummmm... i got my journal and i wrote my whole family's names in it and my family's kinda dead do you guys sell life notes by chance??

long wait but i have to say im definatley buying from here again its worth the wait

just odored my death note hope the wait is worth it from all the reviews iv been reading

OMG! Its cool i really need that for christmas

It's really funny how a lot of people have problems with parents because if this. My mom love Death Note so I kinda feel like the luckiest person in the world ^^ I don't think I want this one though, at least not now. I'm more of a Misa fan ^^

I just bought this and I can say this works PERFECTLY! To be honest I was kind of surprised. Guess I won't have to worry about Romney any more!

After all, what kind of a president would I be?

One hell of one.

I'm a potato chip.

I want to get this SO BAD :'( unfortunately my parents would say that it's evil....

Okay so I bought a Death Note a few days ago, and wrote my uncle's name in it. A couple of hours later, I received a phone call from the Bremerton Hospital saying that my uncle had died of a heart attack... There's no way this my fault... Right...?

i love death note, im a big fan i just ordered the note 15 and when i asked my dad if i could get it he asked me what death note was.all i can say is that was the hardest thing i ever explained :1
but i think its worth it!

My Death Note came after about 2 and a half weeks. I was really looking forward to it because the review all were good. Unfortunately for me though, when it arrived, my parents didn't let me have it because they didn't like the idea of it. They threw it in the recycling bin. I never even got to touch it. Tragic, I know. TT^TT
At least I got a look at it though. From a distance, it looked like the type of notebook that would hold out for a long time, well-made, and not ghetto/cheap looking at all.

I'm ordering it now. Hopefully it's as good as you guys say so!

All the (worthy) reviews seem positive. I'll probably buy it for myself on my birthday in July.
Oh, and BTW, we won't die in 2012 'cause Light died in 2013 xD

just got my deathnote and it was in perfect condition,its a perfect replica as far as i could tell and it got to me pretty quickly considering it had to ship all the way to the U.S. all in all i say im really happy with how everything is and ill definatly buy from here again

I would LOVE to get this! But does it have everything they promised?

JUST GOT MY NOTEBOOK TODAY AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I'm giving this to my boyfriend for Christmas and he's a huge fan of the show and I know he's gonna freak when he sees this. It took about 3 weeks for delivery but that's understandable seeing as how it's from the other side of the globe. I just wish the shipping cost wasn't so much but all in all great replica, I'm very satisfied. =)

Absolutely flawless replica of the very notebook of death which caused the judgment of the thousands of criminals executed by Kira in Death Note. I myself have used this notebook extensively and have written nearly 6,000 additional names (criminals of course) within its pages since acquiring it nearly a year ago. The onlt problem I have with this notebook is how difficult it is to hold it open flat as I write names.

i can't wait untill i get my death note.. i'm waiting to freak heaps of people out I'M GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN ^-^

Just ordered it, YAY!!!! デスノートロックス!!!

Just ordered this last week and I am super excited for it's delivery :D

Hello i am Kira. i cant wait to receive my death note. I bought it two weeks ago and i might get it next week

OMG I LOVE DEATH Note! I asked my mom and she said maybe so im gonna keep on begging her intill i get my death note

I dont look like the type to watch death note most people notice me as a jock, ^.^. But i actully like this show alot i hate how it ends though,,, Awesome show

So this is what became of Light's notebook...wonder which human I'll have to follow now..

hehehe i just got mine and now im gonna try and use it to manipulate my teacher so i can not have homework for next school year muhahahaha then i will have her give me all of her money right before she dies yay lol

I want this so bad... My mom said maybe, and that usualy means no! But I shall keep asking and asking and asking and hopefully get it <3

I want this. I'm a Death Note fan, more specifically, an L fan. My mom won't get this and I want it SOOOO bad! *sigh* Oh well, might as well work on my mom some more.

I am so going to buy this! then i can bring it on the cos-play thing with my sister (Misa~ Not 'cause she wants to.) and her friend(L ^.^)..... i'll be Near but so i won't need it but.....

I just orderd a deathnote and I can't wait untill it arived. I'm a great death note fan and I realy want this ! :D And for all the people who are bullying the people with fantasy : 'F*** YOU':D

Just realised i could comment.
My dad ordered me this in november last year and i gotta say I love it!!Its pretty much like the real thing and it includes names which light written. Also, I was surprised that it came in about a week and 2 days considering it was from Asia. The only downfall (for me) is the last name that's written but thats because i love light. :)

If ur a fan of Death Note and want the book, buy this because you won't regret it! :)

K so, got mine in the post this morning and I already love it ^^
It's really great quality and I'm so glad I got it :D

I got my Death Note just few minutes ago. And I must say, I'm impressed with quality. It took about a week to delivered to Turkey; so I'm very suprised how fast it arrived.

I'm thinking to buy this and a Itachi headband. But my sister if dumb sometimes and wil order it for me tomorrow... I can't wait! :(

i got it in 12 days and its so cool, i live in denmark and there is not so much anime so its cool that there is a site who sells it.

I got this in about three weeks. Will use it for my L cosplay :D LOVE IT. THANK YOU! <333

I ordered it the 20th and I received it today, much faster then I expected for being on the other side of the globe.
The book is in top quality and I don't regret it a single bit!

I just received my Death Note (the one mentioned above) in the mail from Singapore where it is shipped. It came to the west coast of america in a 9 days. I'm actually shocked it came so fast lol.

What it says above is true. 50 some pages of rules, the rest is blank paper with lines. The front cover is not cheap material, its actually great if u want my opinion.

I would recommend u buy this lol.

Ok, so I read all the reviews, and so far, this looks totally worth it. The only thing I'm worried about is this- The other one I was linked to (
Had just as good reviews. I really want to know which one is the better buy. In my opinion, so far this one is looking better, but maybe someone else who says otherwise could change my mind.

the notebook is awesome! i got so excited that my parents got freaked out when i got it. Every Death Note fan should have this, if they really are a fan

lol i scratched out L's name cause i miss L D8 but I LOVE DISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS fyi for people i have been reading comments just dont bring it to school they take is as a "threat" lolz

I got it two days ago and it is AWESOME!!!! But my teacher took it away when i brought it to class

Oh man, I just got this finally after waiting for about three weeks

Definitely worth the wait, DEFINITELY worth the buy. This is, THE BEST quality of a Death Note I've ever seen, the pages look amazing and just looking at all the names Light has written in them already is just amazing.

Trust me, if you're unsure from which site to buy from? I recommend this one A+++

I even just now placed an order for Misa's replica Death Note for my girlfriend who is also a fan!

I'm impressed with the size it describes, Ryuk and Light's Death Note is about the same. But, my parents won't let me buy off the Internet, I'll just tell my sister, she'll deliver it for me. Easy as "Death."

shinigami: their are 52 rules in the deathnote that is correct but most of those rules are just ad-ons to the others look and see. oh and by the way your lifes will end in 22 years 40 days and 5 minutes 9 seconds so see u then haha ha ha ha 4 min 56 seconds

I got my notebook yesturday. It took 2 weeks to reach a small town in Iowa so I'm inpressed. I am completely satisfied with it, nah, I'm blown away by it. High quality, its a must for every death note fan.

I just got mine! I luv it. I am a little bumed with the time it took to get here though, but it was worth it. I do have a question though. i was flipping through it and on one of the pages there is a name but i cant read what it says. what is the name on that page.

I just got mine :) :) :) :) me and my eight other cousins got one.I nearly exploded when I saw Lind L. Tailors name. just like in the manga:) :) :) :) so now nine people in my house have death notes. that totally goes against How to Use: XLIX and LI :) :) :)

IT CAME YESTERDAY! OMG, IT'S PERFECT! I absolutely LOVE IT! It was REALLY worth the wait! I've only used a page so far... I have a question, though. Can it be refilled? Or is it non-refilable?

got mine today. i love it,but i was expecting the death note from the end of the series. u no, with tons of names, riped pages, stained edges, all that stuff. i was also a bit disappointed that the names are not in english. i would like to be able to read the names written in it. also the name Lind l tailor does not look as it did in the anime, manga, or death note movie, where it was all epic and stuff. but, overall i am pleased with the death note, and i would recommend it to a friend and to all reading these reviews. :)

My Death Note was confiscated by the principal of my school o.0
I even got an in-school suspension for bringing it Dx

I am now really happy because I have the Death Note now. It is my turn to rid the world of evil. Only kidding I love The Anime series of Death Note. Thats why I called myself X-Kira. Thanks for the Death Note AnimeShop, Its just what I wanted.

it is amazing the detail is perfect anyone who loves death note will love this. :) xxx

omg i just got mine and its awesome its perfect for any death note fan

I love it! I just got it about 15 minutes ago and it is AMAZING! perfect quality and everthing!

I just bought my brand new replica of death note,it was so awesome,.,.I LOVE IT!!!!!!I wrote my neighbor's name and he died,.,.actually because of heart attack,.,.ahahaha,.,,(WTF),.,.I got my shinigami last night(it was a action figure),.,.,LOL

OMG I just got my Death Note as a birthday gift I am so loving it, its a great replica and I recomend this for others. :D :D

I ordered mine a week ago and just got it today! This is real high-quality stuff! :]
I practically had a spaz attack when it came with the UPS guy. He kinda got scared by my spazzing. :D

But I LOVE it! Totally recommended!

Ordered two of these on the 16th for delivery to the UK, arrived on the 22nd. OMG, they are just so perfect.... and even though I thought I'd begrudge spending out nearly £40 on the pair of them, I think they were really worth it.

I got my Death Note today, along with the medium DN, the kira and L pins,the Dn and L's laptop keychain, and the wallet.I don't regret buying any of them,they are all amazing, espicially the replica Death Note. I bought both of them because I didn't know which one was better and to be honest the replica size was just like Light's and if you like DN you need to get it, even if you think it is expensive you won't regret it (I didn't)p.s. I recieved every thing in 9 days and I live in Utah!

Lawliet: if you have seen the anime/manga, every time there was a commercial break it would show another Death Note rule, altogether there is 52

oh my god , i cant wait to get mine and see Lind .L Taylors name on after reading everybodys review i want one so bad i cant believe it and whats with the 52 rules it said i thought there were only a couple

I received my Death Note today..
What a wonderful way to kill..

Wow... Shipping took only 5 days which I am really amazed at seeing as the message said it would take up to 3 weeks.

And I have to say the Notebook itself is something else. You actually have to have it to be able to feel what I felt when I held it. I got a cold shiver up my back just thinking about what this note does :P

I would recommend this to anybody who is a Death Note fan because they won't regret it.

To death note fan:

Nope. These are still for sale.

I heard a rumor that you guys discontinued selling these, is that true?

I JUST GOT MINE TODAY FOR X-MAS!! I almost died (excuse the pun) when i got it! it came in a huge box, I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!! I wrote roberto gonzales (math teacher in it) as a test, lol lets hope

15 people in my class just got suspended for writing a name down in math class yesterday. It was kinda funny that I didn't get caught.

Worth the extra shipping costs.
And oh, the nerdgasm I had when I saw Lind L. Tailor's name written down...

lol this is really good!!! i agree about that. u should not bring the death note to school , u actually can get kicked out!!! T.T"
but o well this is cool!!!!

The Only thing i have to say about this Dont Take This Notebook to school or work I hade mine for a week took it to school and got kicked out. IT COOL i must say Just Dont be Stupid with it.

Quick delivery and the quality is excellent. Oh the geek fit I had when I saw Lind L Tailor scrawled across one of the pages like in the manga/anime.

I just got mine to day and its awesome. To perfection in every way and even tho im really impatiant i got it after 12 day sent to california alls good and it rock im all ready thinking of ways to kill people i dont like.

Nice, bought mine the other day. But omg u guys got yours fast. 3 working weeks for mine to get here in NZ. Meh worth the wait.

one word INCREDIBLE!!!!! tons of blank pages, and about 13 pages of names written by light (kira). it even has lind l. taylor's name written in just like the way it was written in the manga!

awsome replica of the death note top quality and i couldnt find a single flaw of it. If any death note fans want a replica death note this is the place to get one fer sur

Great communication and shipment!

Just 6 days to Spain o0 great job! Totally recommended.

you will not regret buying this, its top quality and its the best replica out there. oh, and it even says Lind L Taylor, just like in the show! hah, now thats cool. i definitly recomend it.

I just got my Death Note and it is awesome. I am a huge fan and was so excited when I realised i had enough money to order it. It's of the best quality and is wrapped in extra bubble wrap. I recomend this for all types of Death Note fans.

I just got my Death Note and it is awesome. I am a huge fan and was so excited when I realised i had enough money to order it. It's of the best quality and is wrapped in extra bubble wrap. I recomend this for all types of Death Note fans

This is a really great buy. It has all the rules shown during the series and a couple of pages with names written by Light himself and then a suprise name before you get into the 50+ pages that are lined and blank for your writing purposes. The book is softcover and it can be refilled but it wont have the rules and such after its refilled.

Excellent. Fast delivery, I got an email saying it was sent on the 14th and it arrived on the 18th to me in the UK. Now I hope I don't get a bill from customs in the coming week.

The quality of the note itself is a perfect replica. Also if you run out of pages you can just refill it with some other paper because the cover is just a cover for the note pad so you can slide it right out. You will however need JIS (japanese industry standard) B5 sized paper measuring 7.2 x 10.1 inches to fit in to the cover.

Just received my death note. It's so cool and is definately worth getting if your a fan of the anime or manga. Delivery was brilliant, arrived in 4 day and I live in the UK.

I got my Death Note last week. Reaaally love it <3
It took only about a week... Pretty fast, that´s nice. It was my best birthday present this year.It´s so amazing... ^.^

Reeeeaally nice !

Got mine yesturday but i only wrote down one name yet ! :D hes dying 15.05.08 8 pm :D though i had to write it in japanese to make it look kewler xD
reaally nice replica love it ! Though 59 pages of rules OMG xD

I've just got my Death Note, and I've got to say that I'm happy with it.

It was delivered a lot quicker than I expected, it took 5 days total and I'm from the UK.

Using the back of it as a Year book for leaving school.

And there'll still be space for me to avenge L and Rem. >.< do i put this lightly....TOP QUALITY!!! I was blown over by how astounding it was. A perfect replica.

I just recieved my Death Note yesterday, and it is absolutely amazing. Each detail is, what I feel, would be exactly like the one in the show. Amazing product with fast shipping.(Less than two weeks)

Ahhh! I just got my deathnote! Ohhh :333 it's so adorable! I love everything about it. Thanks anime shop for being a star and delivering it in less than a week ;D

Ohhh...MFG what an awsome repicla of the Death Note, not only are the details and the how to use it rules look but it's the feel of the death note when i first opened it... ohh yeah it's being put to good use when I first laid my hands on it.. I started to feel the power behind it,it's already getting to the point where my best friend is calling me KIRA...

Hey, i never seen death note before, i just thought this would be a cool note book for school. But, after i got it, some wierd demon thing has been following me around, begging me for apples.

I LUV YOU SHOP KEEPER!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now I can finally use the Deathnote to avenge L's Death I CAN FINALLY KILL LIGHT!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA (plus I can kill Sasuke and sakura and Misa) YAY my 14 year old life will soon be complete!

Fantastic replica, really surprised me with the paper and general printing quality.

Attention to detail is also superb.

As for the website, fast shipping with tracking too. Perfect purchase.

I boguht my death note, and my am i impressed, Top notch delivery! (Arrived in 4 days) Right on my boyfriends birthday! So he was chuffed! Amazing quality paper, Detail of the heart with wings on every page. Many, Many pages to fill with anythign you like.
The 52 rules are written in both English and Japanese... Definately a must have for all fans!

i wish it were real if it was i would want Ryuk as my shingami so if i get bored i could torture him by not giveing him apples and watch him go nuts and also I would write down the names of most of my class mates but mayB it would work if i wrote down an anime caracter hmm ok when i get one of these the first thing I'm writeing in it is Sasuke from Naruto I'm gunna have him die of slitting his wrist to uch and loseing to much blood cuz hes emo but most like I'm not gunna write in it cuz i don't wanna mess it up and cuz i kno it probly won't work

Hey javier, your an idiot. I think we are all aware that the death note is not real and yes the majority of us understand what fictional and replica mean. Ever heard of joking? You know people with emotions joke. Stop ruining peoples fun and commenting trash. FOOL.

This thing isn't real of course. We all love fantasy but shouldn't get to into it. I know it's fantasy because someone wrote my name in theirs and absolutely nothing happened to me. Although I do love to play I'm,,,uhhhhh,,,uhhhhhhh,,,,,,,darn,,,,,thunk, it got me!!

Whoever just wrote as Light,that's funny that you did that.

I love this show, but it kind of creeps me out too..
I mean after hearing all the stories of people having replica deathnotes, i didnt want to buy a replica because i dont want people to think that i'm someone they need to lock up because I write something in a notebook. I couldn't write something in deathnote even if it was real, I just wouldn't have it in me to kill someone. I dont have the right to say if someone should die. this some sort of joke? My...That is, Kira's reputation will be ruined if anyone with twenty bucks can get their hands on a Death Note! Whatsmore, I doubt the vast majority of the people who are purchasing these are of such intelligence that they can use them properly, and without being caught.

Something must be done about this...

if it has names of people that Light killed, would there be any spoilers? i'd still buy it, but im curious because im only at episode ten (i live in Canada so it hasnt aired for very long) and i wouldnt want to ruin the suspense

i just got mine and i was wondering, are all the names written by Kira supposed to be in japanese? or kanji or whatever? cuz most of mine are, save for the names that Raye Penber wrote without knowing it. at the corner of each page it's got deathnote on each top corner. oh and the cover is kind of like a dust jacket, but its ok. other than that, i am overally satisfied.and its got someone special's name on the last pre-written page.

Yo Javier man, you need to chill man, you take life way to seriously. The kids just having a little fun. He knows its not real and I think everyone knows a replica is just a copy of the original. Anyway, I'm bored now writing this and just wasted 40 seconds of my life writing this. This DeathNote book looks really cool though, I think I might get one as well. The anime rocks too.(Maybe I'll put your name in my DeathNote just for laughs, later)

r u all stupid. deathnote is an anime, and for those of you who dont know what fictional means, its FAKE!!!!!! It's supposed to be FAKE!!!!! Plus, they would already be in jail if they actually sold sething that lets you kill ppl.

oh, and learn how to read, the word REPLICA means that it is not the real thing, it just looks like it. having the real thing would actually be having the original drawings of it.

dont be stupid and get out of the clouds. yeah it is cool to have something that looks just like the deathnote but it IS NOT REAL!!!!!!
STOP THINKING THAT YOURE GONNA GO AROUND KILLIN G ALL THE PPL THAT LOOKED AT YOU FUNNY CAUSE IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! should have give it to me for free... of course it wont work!!! ITS FROM AN ANIME called death note. If you want it to be real, go and pray to the sure that will work. But im not gonan try it.

wow you all are stupid... it is an anime, which makes it fake but it is cool to have a replica of the death note... if it was real my entire school would be dead

i bought it an i wrote my name and cause of death 2 minutes later nothing happened its a froud (do not buy)and i sold it for a dollar

I just got my death note today. It is awesome. I love it. perfect replica. I just wrote in it today so 23 days from today i'll see my shikigami thanks so much :D I love Death Note:)

@Kuro: I highly doubt it because it's an anime. Yes it would be kinda cool if it was real >>;; I woulden't use it unless I really had to though.
...I would just want Ryuk or Rem to follow me around.

Does this Death Note do what it should do in the Anime?
I hope it does!!

Death note is the best anime ever

I ordered one for a friend's birthday. I can't wait to see it! : D
*crosses fingers he doesn't put her name down first* <_<

just ordered it too.. AND THE GUY BELOW ME, I WILL BEAT YOU TO BUSH! cause of death: slapped in the face with metal chicken.

I just ordered mine!!!

First Bush, just to test it O_o
Next my teacher from 1st period...
Then the World(except Asia, i need more material for L8r)!

I just received my Death Note today and it take 8 days from 10 to 17 less than three weeks
it's great and awesome

This book is excellent quality. It contains all 52 pages, on black paper. The rest of the book is white paper with a few pages having names, and deaths that were written in the actual anime series. The whole lot is surrounded by a nice black plastic cover.

To age: Hi, please contact us directly and we would see what we can do for you.

It took one day short of two weeks for this note, misa-misa note, and the regular sized note to arrive in my hands. A great trio purchase, each with their owe complimenting differences that make all three worth having.
I love this note, by far my favorite of the three. The other two are a good size, but this one is much bigger and has far more pages it seems, along with all the death note rules. Hands down, if you like death note, you'll love this note.
My only issue is one I'm sure I am experiencing due to a fluke and more than likely you won't have this same problem. When I openned this note, the binding on the spine separated from the pages. All the pages are secure and fine, but the binding on the front cover is pulled apart.
A bit of a bother but an easy fix it to make some binding glue at home. I'm in the process of making the glue and will paint it onto the spine and the problem will be solved. If anyone needs to know how to make the binding glue due to the same problem, just post it up here and i'll tell you the ingredients, very simple.

I got my book from japan to the U.S. and it only took 4 weeks. I'm defenitely not gonna write in it since I paid alot for this.

I recieved my two Death Notes yesterday. I recieved an email saying that I would get it in three weeks and I got it in just over one week. The service here is awesome and so is the book. I am very happy with it. I think that if anyone was thinking of getting it that they should. You won't be dissappointed! ^_^

This was the best service I could ever imagine. I accidently had to wrong address on my Paypal account for my delivery. I thought that it would take a very long time for them to be able to correct the problem and get it where it needs to be in a fashionable time.

It took 5 days, even with that problem. I ordered it Thursday night and it was here the next Friday. Just in time for my Misa cosplay at Otakon 200 ^^v

Buy from these guys, they are awesome o.o

I just received my Death Note today. I'm very happy with the service here. I was told less than three weeks and it got here in I believe less than two. Damn good service.

To "love akon" and anyone else who wants to know:

The book is like the one in the manga. It's best described as being similar to a college notebook (just as it was described in the manga).

It is not a hard cover. It's a thin rubber cover that goes over the book, kinda like how those hard-back Harry Potter books have the paper-cover over them (of course, the difference is that the only way this covers coming off is if you force it off). Aside from the rubber part, it's designed to not only look like a the guinuine article, but feel like it too.

For anyone who still has reservations about buying this item, put them to rest because this is two thumbs way up!

umm i would llike to know if the cover is soft rubber

I live in Brazil and it arrived in 2 weeks ^.^ sooo good :) death note ftw.

once i get this i will start deleting for my god

I've already purchased this awesome item, but I have a question.

About how long does it usually take for an item purchased from this site with special shipping to reach it's destination if the said destination is located in Texas?

To "L"

I was about to think you were some kind of idiot or a psycho until I saw your username, thanks for making me laugh^^

dose this have kiras real name in it and can i use it

dude i LOVE you for making this.
i love death note.
im going to ask my sister to buy this for me!!

To "i luv"

Yes, the smaller note includes the same names written by Light.
But the structure is slightly different, the structure is as follows:

Note Rule
Page of Names
Note Rule
Page of Names ect ect.

After the Pre-written names finnish it is all blank pages.

It's great quality also, I've looked through one at the London Expo, but the big book is substantially better and authentic.

I plan on buying this in a few days!!! It looks so awesome! I'll use it for class....I hope it'll be ok *_*

does the smaller death note have some of the names that light wrote in it? :)

How many blank pages does this notebook have?


I've just recieved my Death Note.

EXCELLENT! Top Quality, absolutely amazing.
I almost cried with joy when I first read it. Lots of silver details and perfect replication.

For those still wondering, this is how to book goes:

1. Front Cover, silver text
2. Inner cover reading "Death note" with silver wings detail.. Hard to explain
3. 52 Rules - On thick, black paper.
4. About 10 white lined pages with Names written on them. (By Kira, *wink*)
5. Absolutely loads of extra lined white pages for your own notes.

All pages are the very top-most quality, lined printed and detailed extremely nicely.
Never regret buying this. Fast delivery too.

How many blank pages are there?

I receved this about one week after buying, last eweek and I love it, its been put to "good use"

It's a good replica! everyrules are written inside, exactly in the beginning of the book there are all the rules written and then starts the white pages with some names which Light had written before. If you like seriuosly death note you have to get it!

I got a question. Which one is more realistic, this one, or the one with only 10 rules in it? Is this on thicker? And what does Character Biography means?

How many blank pages are included in this version?

The other book had confused me, It looked nothing like it. Until I realized you had a replica. Tell me. If it has the things Light wrote in it, What do they say? I'd really love to know before I buy it. =P Because If it's really nothing that interesting *Which no matter what's written would still be interesting, I think. -Death nose rules- * Then I won't really have a good reason to buy it other than to have more anime replicas X3

Nelson: No you are unable to refill the book. This is the replica and the original one can't be refilled!

i only have one question and one question only can you refill the book with new pages i dont wanna keep buying a book after im done using it seems like a waste

:D :D I bought this exact replica and it was delivered to me (Texas) in just 1 week! It was very exciting to receive it! I just have 2 complaints: I already touched the notebook and I still can't see people's life span or any shinigami's around! Anyways, I hope the writing thing works! LOL :D just kidding! I am so very happy and excited with my Death Notebook! Thank you!!! :D :D

I bought this and the smaller version (not the smallest one) and I love them. The delivery was quite fast to the Netherlands, and both items were packed nicely. Just holding them is awesome (Or I'm just a dork) and they have a few things Light wrote in them. If you're a big Death Note fan, this is a must have. And come on, it's not that expensive.

foo: Yes. You can try to pay using your debit card.

does this accept debit card?

harvb: The thickness is about the same.

Chaud: The shipping rates are the same. Please check our shipping page. You can use either your VISA or any other credit card.

Compared to the other Death Note Notebook (measurement 8.1" by 5.5"), is this book thick as well? Or is the cover thin?

Bean: Instructions are in English

VampireLordAlucard: Yes, it has other things Light wrote in it and it's a great notebook.

are the instructions in english?

I'm a huge Death Note fan, and this book looks pretty cool, tho almost $30 after shipping sounds a bit steap for a notebook. In your honest opinion, is this a pretty good replica?

Lastly, I've heard that the notebook has some of the things Light wrote in it as well, does it? No biggie for me either way, just curious.

cody: Yes, there are blank pages after the instructions. This item can be ship immediately and will take up to 3 weeks to arrive. The shipping costs for this item is $8.00 due to the large size and the packeting needed to ensure that this item is shipped in good condition.

how long does it take to ship the items and what is the speacial shipping charges as well? also does this have blank pages like the smaller verison