Monomi Necklace (Pink)

Monomi Necklace (Pink)

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Dangan Ronpa: A stark contrast from her adoptive older brother, the sinister Monokuma, Monomi the sweet and gentle rabbit is represented by her cute pink colour scheme. On a long chain necklace, this lightweight pendant is painted with coloured enamel and bears the detailed face of Monomi. Great to collect with the matching Monokuma necklace!

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Product Description

Width: 1.2"
Length: 1.3"

- Metal

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Magical Girl Miracle ★ Usami Biography (Danganronpa)

- Monomi Bio by Tsunade

Name: Magical Girl Miracle ★ Usami / Monomi
Gender: Female

Usami the pink rabbit appears in the second series of the popular Japanese video game franchise, Danganropa: Goodbye Despair. Though one might be suspicious that such a sweet-looking character might hide some sadistic character underneath, alike to her sinister counterpart Monokuma, Monomi is just like her appearance suggests and is sweet and kind. She is also encouraging and tells the students not to fight, and to build their friendships well. It is noted that she cares a lot for the environment, urging her students not to litter around the island.

While Monomi resembles Monokuma as she is split down the middle into two different colours in a 'monochrome' pink colour scheme, she is not directly related to Monokuma, thought he forcibly adopted her as his youngest sister. As expected of the perverted Monokuma, he often abuses her and makes her out to be a joke. She is dressed much like a baby, in diaper-style bottoms and a bow on her ear, which somehow reflects her naivety in contrast with Monokuma. The latter mockingly changes her name 'Usami' to 'Monomi' ('Mono' meaning 'single' while 'mi' means 'see' in japanese) after she loses an eye trying to eradicate him.

Introduced to be a teacher in Hope's Peak Academy, the school which invites super excellent high school students in the guise of training them to be the 'Hope' of the future, Usami explains the rules of the island to them. However, Monokuma barges in, damages her magical staff and renders her powerless. While also having the ability to replicate copies of herself around the island alike to Monokuma, she dies when all her copies are destroyed during her execution.