Monobear / Monokuma Mascot Necklace (Black)

Monobear / Monokuma Mascot Necklace (Black)

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Dangan Ronpa: The sadistic Monokuma with his half-cute, half-evil monochrome face is available in a lightweight pendant! Painted in coloured enamel, this shiny pendant reminds us that there are two sides to every person. Comes on a long chain necklace! Makes a great collectible pair with his sister necklace, Monomi!

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Width: 1.2"
Length: 1.3"

- Metal

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Weight 0.45 kg

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Monokuma, the Sadistic Headmaster (Danganronpa)

- Monokuma Bio by Tsunade

Name: Monokuma
Gender: Male
Height: 2' 6"

One of the distinct main icons of the popular Danganronpa video game franchise, this mysterious looking bear of its monochromatic colour scheme of black and white is in fact the sadistic 'Headmaster' of Hope's Peak Academy, the school where this game is set. His body and face is black on the right half and white on the left, representing a balance of good and evil, alike to the 'yin-yang' symbol. While the white side resembles a harmless teddy bear, the black side has an evil grinning joker's smile and a red slash replacing his eye.

Monokuma is the principal of the Academy, and controlled by the Mastermind behind the students killing each other by manipulating their thoughts. Having both a black and white side, Monokuma appears to be a normal and good teddy while talking normally, but changes into a sadistic, merciless bear when angered. He usually faces the white or black side towards the player according to the content of what he is saying, good or bad. As said by the designer herself, Monokuma represents Hope and Despair just like two sides of a coin- one can never exist without the other.

While the school is ironically named 'Hope's Peak Academy'- named as such due to its practice of 'reaping' the best high school students to become the future 'hope' of the nation- these students are instead made to literally fight for their life as they are instructed to 'murder another student and get away with it' by Monokuma himself. Should they guess the culprit correctly, the culprit will be executed; if not, the culprit gets away scot-free while all the incorrect guessers get executed.

Monokuma appears to be remote-controlled, and appears to have countless copies of himself placed thrughout the Academy. Alike to any school, the Academy has its rules; those who flout it would bear the brunt of the strict Headmaster. He also has the ability to kill anyone who attempts to attack him.

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