Substitute Death God Certificate 1:1 Scale (cosplay)

Substitute Death God Certificate 1:1 Scale (cosplay)

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Flash this certificate in the identity of a Substitute Shinigami! This piece is an exact replica of Ichigo’s certificate, with the distinct woven jute strap we are so familiar with! The logo is etched out with well-crafted detail. Made in a naturally textured brass, this piece has a bit of weight which gives it a touch of authenticity.

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Measurements Width: 3.75" Height: 3.25"

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Weight 0.65 kg

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About Death God Substitute Certificate (Bleach)

- Bleach Biography by Tsunade

The Substitute Shinigami (Death God) Certificate is a special badge given to the Substitute Shinigamis by the Soul Society. It notifies the user when Hollows are nearby with a sound only they can hear, and can only be seen by those who are spiritually aware. While it is useful in their work and also act as a means of identifying themselves, the Soul Society in fact uses these badges to restrict and watch over the Substitute Shinigami.

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