Kon Inspired Mascot Bag (Backpack)

CLEARANCE – Kon Mascot Bag (Backpack)

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Kon has gotta be a creator's most unbeloved mascot. But hey, don't we love him all the same? Carry Kon around on your back! This adorable zip-up bag lets you carry your stuff in style and be the envy of your fellow anime-lover friends!

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Product Description

Measurement (Approx):
Width: 15.7"
Height: 22.8"

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Weight 0.7 kg

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Kon Biography (Bleach)

- Kon Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kon
Gender: Male
Race: Modified Soul
Birthday: 30th December
Affiliation: Ichigo’s Group
Signature Skill: Enhanced Leg Strength & Speed

”Extra large…puffy wuffy…booby woobies!” - Kon

Personality/Background: Kon is just as cute as his temporary body as a stuffed lion. He is a perverted soul who is often daydreaming about girls and their boobs. He takes advantage with his cute stuffed lion body to attract girls to hug him to their chests. So girls, the next time you decide to hug a stuffed lion, beware of it coming to life to feel your boobs.

Kon is boastful and self-proclaims himself as the “King of New York”. Kon appreciates every bit of his life even as a pill. He vows to never kill anyone or anything. He is willing to risk his life to protect those around him, even the meekest of beings.

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