Hisagi Shuuhei Vice Captain Armband Tag - Ninth Division (Cosplay)

Hisagi Shuuhei Vice Captain Armband Tag – Ninth Division (Cosplay)

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The fearless lieutenant of Squad 9, Hisagi Shuuhei’s esteemed vice captain tag is now featured in this awesome wooden replica. It has an estimated measurement of 3.5”x4.5” and comes with a 47” long white sash. Get some temporary facial tattoo and your good to go!

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Hisagi Shuuhei Biography (Bleach)

- Hisagi Shuuhei Bio by Tsunade

Name: Hisagi Shuuhei Gender: Male Race: Shinigami Birthday: 14th August Affiliation: Gotei 13, Soul Society Position: Lieutenant of the 9th Division Partner: Kensei Muguruma ”He who does not fear the sword he holds is not worthy of holding a sword.” - Hisagi Shuuhei Personality/Background: In contrast to his gangster-like appearance, he is actually very calm and matured. You might think he’s another one who loves to bring it on and fight to the ends of Earth but in reality, he avoids violence as much as possible. Despite his tough appearance, he fears his own sword’s power and respects its strength. If his harden face expressions do not show, he likes to practice on his guitar. This just goes to show how passionate and soft Hisagi is and never to judge a book by its cover.