Full Vizard Mask Necklace Silver

Full Vizard Mask Necklace Silver

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Hanging on a strong, slim black cord, the full Hollow Mask of Ichigo Kurosaki is carved with fine details modelled after the original seen in the series! Half of the mask is painted in red. With a shiny, silver base, this pendant is of a slight weight that gives it a touch of authenticity that collectors would appreciate!

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Product Description

Measurements Width: 0.8" Length: 1.4" Material - Metal

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Infomation on the Visored (Bleach)

- Visored Information by Tsunade

Known as the Kamen no Gunzei (translating to 'Masked Army'), the Vizard (or Visored) is a group of Shinigami (Soul Reapers who guard souls going through reincarnation) or Death Gods with the powers of Hollows. Hollows are creatures who have originated with Human souls, but linger in the Human World for too long after their death- a result of them losing their heart to despair or regret. As such, they are somewhat corrupted spirits who have supernatural powers, and are the opposite of Humans.

These Vizard are thought of as traitors for they have committed the sin of attaining Hollow power in spite of their previous statuses as high level Shinigamis. Their appearance is no different from that of a usual Human Shinigami, and they gain access to their Hollow powers by going through Hollowfication- the process of wearing the Hollow Mask, which merges their original powers with that of a Hollow's and changes their spiritual pressure.

While their intentions were initially unknown, they soon revealed that they had no ill intentions against the Gotei 13, but did not consider the Soul Society their allies as well. Their main enemy was still Sosuke Aizen and the Espada.

Excluding Ichigo Kurosaki, a total of eight members of the Vizard are known. In the group, five are men and the rest, women. Donning the Hollow Mask gives them a mixed of both Shinigami and Hollow, which is far stronger than either alone. The Hollow powers strengthen their original Shinigami abilities, giving them superhuman speed, stamina and strength. In addition, the mask seems to give them body protection against blows. However, there is a time limit on the period they can wear the mask, ranging from a few seconds up to three minutes for those who have trained for a century.