Bleach Ishida Quincy Cross Necklace

Bleach Ishida Quincy Cross Necklace

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This Quincy Cross is great for your Uryuu Ishida cosplay, the last surviving Quincy. The silver cross with blue energy lining in the middle is exactly like the one drawn in the anime series. You can wear this as a necklace or wrap the chain around your wrist just like Ishida. Great for cosplaying!

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Ishida Uryuu Biography (Bleach)

- Ishida Uryuu Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ishida Uryuu
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Quincy)
Birthday: 6th November
Affiliation: Quincy
Signature Skill: Quincy Bow & Spirit Arrows

”I swear on the pride of the Quincy, I will kill you.” - Ishida Uryuu

Personality/Background: Uryuu appears lone and quiet, often acting cool and serene around others. Uryuu seems to be obsessed with looking cool. He loves wearing a cloak. It serves no purpose and obstructs his actions but of course, he wanted it to make him look cooler.

Though he aces all his school subjects in school and often coming in as number one, he is naïve at times. Uryuu is very noble, and acts in justice on men who abuse or treats women badly. A gentleman, he is. Before he became friends with Ichigo, he strongly believed that his job as a Quincy is to get rid of all hollows. Why help them if they have hurt and killed many of our kind? He did not understand the job of a Shinigami and hated them in the beginning.

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sweet! Uryu is my favorite character in bleach and this cross would be awsome!!!

Got it in the mail a little less than a week after ordering it. It's smaller(and lighter) than I expected, but regardless I like it and I'm very happy. Thanks!

What is the cross made out of and what is the "blue energy lining in the middle" made out of and how is it attached to the cross?

ok tyvm ;3 maybe u guys should get clothing items too from animes ^_^

HI, Yes, the shipping will be under 3 weeks world wide.

hey i live int he states as well....indiana...will it take same time as him?

Hi Kon, the shipping should take less than 3 working weeks. Thanks!

How Long Will It Take To Deliver If I Live In The States... --> Wisconsin

Hi Houmonka, I don't really understand your question. Would u like to rephrase it? Thanks!

About shipping...What can I expect? :D

You have the option of using credit card.

Is there a way to pay without using Paypal? I can't use Paypal where I live.

Hi Airfrogyto19, our store is in Singapore. Sorry, we don't accept money orders as of now. You can pay through paypal. It is safe and reliable.


I really want this cross it looks so cool. I wanted to know if there were alternate ways of paying like money order and I wanted to know if this store was in the U.S

Hi all! The Ishida Quincy Cross has been restocked. Have fun!!

Hi Thomas, the stock for this item would most likely be coming in a couple of weeks, so watch this space :)

Out of curiousity when is this item going to be restocked?? I would really like to purchase one of these.

Yay! I should buy tempting!

Item restocked!

I was just wondering if you'd ever be getting more stock of this necklace. If so, I'd really like to buy one. Was going to last time, but before I could it was sold out. Thanks!