Trainee Squad Badge Cosplay (Shingeki No Kyojin)

Trainee Squad Badge Cosplay (Shingeki No Kyojin)

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A small and simple badge bearing the emblem of the Trainees Squad, this pin is carved in a rough textured metal that gives it a slightly grunge and unpolished look. A pair of swords cross over the front of the crest and sport red handguards. Makes a lovely accessory to adorn your collar, or bags and purses!

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Product Description

Width: 0.9"
Height: 1.1"

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About the 104th Trainees Squad (Attack on Titan)

- 104th Trainees Squad Information by Tsunade

We are introduced to the 104th Trainees Squad as most of the main characters of the series graduated from that class. Out of the 218 graduates, only 10% joined the Survey Corps due to its high fatality rate. Known characters from this squad are lead characters Mikasa Ackerman who is also the top in the class, Eren Yeager and Armin Arlet.

As with the usual Trainees Squads, only the top ten of the cohort are allowed to apply for the Military Police Brigade, a prestigious arm of the military that serve as the police force in human territory and also act as the King's guard. Despite their reputation, they are in fact plagued with corruption issues and abuse their authority to exploit resources from the civilians. Also, due to living in the safety of the Inner Wall, most of them lack actual combat practice and falter at the mere sight of Titans, rendering them useless in battle.

Out of the top ten graduates applicable for the said Military Police, only Annie Leonhart applied. Graduating at 4th place, she is known to be an individual worker and reputed for her combat skills. She later turns out to be a Titan Shifter sent to infiltrate the Walls to search for the coordinate. Aside from Marco Bott who died in the Battle of Trost District, the other 8 choose to join the Survery Corps in spite of its lack of security as compared to the Military Police.

Aside from Mikasa Ackerman, the top 5 members of the 104th Trainee Squad after her are all known to be Titan Shifters. Reiner Braun (2nd Place) and Bertolt Hoover (3rd Place) are childhood friends, who turn out to have come from a mysterious Homeland where they have a mission to attack humanity. The two of them and Annie have the similar mission of locating the Coordinate, which is later revealed to be Eren Yeager.