Shingeki No Kyojin - Survey Corp Wings of Freedom Chest Pin (Bronze)

Shingeki No Kyojin – Survey Corp Wings of Freedom Chest Pin (Bronze)

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Pledge allegiance to the selfless Survey Corps by having the Wings of Freedom emblem pinned to your chest! Carved in classic bronze, the pin has a subtle sheen to its top surface, and a rough texture in the inner surface. Nothing too flashy- a sophisticated piece that would look great pinned to your shirt or on your bag!

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Product Description

Width: 1.2"
Height: 1.4"

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The Strategy of the Survey Corps (Attack on Titan)

- Survey Corps Battle Strategy by Tsunade

Fighting at the front line and having to take the first impact from the attacking Titans at full force, it is no doubt that the survival rate of the Survey Corps is very low, with many dying during missions. As such, they cannot simply fight by brute force or charge by the numbers (not that they have many to spare), but have to employ some strategies and tactics to deal with their formidable opponent with both brains and strong physical ability to finish off humans in a blow.

Taking equipment as an example, the 3 Dimensional Maneuver Gear, better known as 3DMG was developed so the soldiers of the Survey Corps can fight with enhanced mobility. The body harness encircles their body and requires immense strength, skill and training to operate. One of the main tactics used is shooting grapple hooks at any surface they can attach themselves to and swinging themselves on the attached steel wires with skilled navigation, as if they are 'flying' through the air.

Commander Erwin Smith has also developed a strategy known as the Long-Range Scouting Formation. The main focus of this is to avoid the Titans, as attacking all the Titans at a time in an open area would lead to a very high fatality rate of the Survey Corps. As such, the soldiers are dispersed over a large area, which allows them to quickly spot a titan as well as their comrades. When a Titan is identified, a red flare is fired. Other soldiers who see this red flare would fire red flares of their own as well, quickly and effectively spreading the message and finally reaching Erwin. Alerted of the Titan's bearings, Erwin will fire a green flare towards the direction the soldiers should take to avoid the Titan. Likewise, those who see the green flare would do the same, spreading the message for the route to take.

While this tactic is efficient at dealing with normal Titans, the Legion sometimes encounter Deviant Type Titans, which are those with higher intelligence and thus, are usually a step ahead of their plans. While normal Titans would devour humans upon seeing them, these Titans aim for the larger kill by breaking up formations and strategies, such as this one. In such cases, when the Deviant Titan ignores the scouts on the perimeter and chooses to attack those in the middle, a black flare would be fired to warn others of the danger and they would attempt to kill it in the shortest time possible before further damage is done.

The formation is basically a circle, with Erwin Smith heading the group at the front. Those on the outer perimeter of the circle are the Scouts, who will be the first to spot the Titans. The middle of the circle contains supply wagons of food, weapons and supplies. The other members are known as Relay members, spreading messages within. While this is effective enough to lower the fatality rate by 30%, it has proven to be useless in bad weather especially rain, during which flares cannot be used.